The release date and price of "Dragon Quest IX Hoshizora no Mamoribito" are determined, and further Dragon Quest 10 is under development at "Wii"

Since today "Dragon Quest" press presentation was held from 14 o'clock, we will report the situation at that time. The release date and price of "Dragon Quest IX Hoshizora no Mamoribito" are decided, and the fact of the shock that the next Dragon Quest 10 is under development at "Wii" is also revealed.

I entered the game designerYuji Horii, Square Enix President and Representative DirectorYoichi Wada, SQUARE ENIX Dragon Quest Series Executive ProducerMiyake OkiIt's pretty amazing things.

So, the report of the day is from the following. The hall is Park Hyatt Tokyo.

This is the entrance

At present, the presentation venue has this kind of atmosphere

Below, we are reconfiguring based on the contents memorized in real time.

2008/12/10 13:25
Each press is gathering one after another. Although it says "Dragon Quest", "What is announced by Dragon Quest" is not included in the title, is it a surprise like "Oh!" Or "......?" Even if it is a definite announcement it is impossible for you to see anyone. Everyone is strange tension.

2008/12/10 13:32
I was a little upset. In addition to the press and stakeholders "prepared for distribution staff seat" was prepared. Somehow strange Easy Listening songs are flowing all the time.

2008/12/10 13:51
I started with a little more. A lot of people have increased.

2008/12/10 13:54
An announcement that began soon came.

2008/12/10 13:56
A photographer photographed by Sukeni officials is shooting Bashabasha everyone.

2008/12/10 13:57
Most of the seats were buried.

2008/12/10 14:00
It's finally beginning ... ... nothing. that?

2008/12/10 14:01
started. The music of Dorakue 's OP is flowing.

2008/12/10 14:02
Dragon Quest Series Executive ProducerMiyake OkiStarted the opening remarks.

2008/12/10 14:05
It seems there is an announcement of the latest information of Dragon Quest 9.

2008/12/10 14:07
Total shipment quantity: 121.5 million pieces. The cumulative sales amount is 11.25 billion yen.

2008/12/10 14:11
Dragon Quest Monster Battle Road II movie screening, finished.

2008/12/10 14:12
Yuji Horii appeared.

2008/12/10 14:13
Yuji Horii actually started demonstrating multiplay with four people using DSi. The character of a girl who went outside the building was a character of Mr. Miyake. "Oh! I am Miyake" You can set comments on your profile on your own by feeling like "You can come along with Nine next time".

2008/12/10 14:22
Release date is March 28, 2009 (Saturday), suggested retail price is 5980 yen including tax. Package illustration announcement at Weekly Shonen Jump released next week. In addition, information is announced one after another with V jump.

2008/12/10 14:24
I thought "Next Dragon Quest 10 is Wii," Mr. Yuji Horii misplaced it. "First of all, please give me Dragon Quest 9!"

2008/12/10 14:28
The movie "Dragon Quest IX Hoshizora no Mamoribito" screened earlier will be released for the first time. Since the shooting was forbidden, the image is not pears, but since there was an image for web posting in the press material, it will be posted later. An angel like Dragon Ball's "Tianjin Rice" was impressive.

2008/12/10 14:31
Iwata president of Nintendo appeared.

2008/12/10 14:33
Squawn's president says Dragon Quest, "It might be more interesting than Pokemon .... Oops, now is pear (haha)". In addition, "Dragon Quest 9 will not disappoint you! You do it ......

2008/12/10 14:51
Ended about 10 minutes ago. Somehow there was something to shoot, so I took a picture. It is going to be updated sequentially from now. Please wait for a while.

2008/12/10 15:08
Photo session

When you leave the hall, there is a mysterious cosplayer.

Related goods were also exhibited.

Actually worked

Dragon Quest IX Protect Case DSi. Metallic Silver Print, scheduled to be released simultaneously with Dragon Quest IX in March 2009 at 1200 yen including tax. Adopting rigid polycarbonate, it is a clear material so there is no problem with any body color. Basic operation is possible while wearing it. However, only DSi can be installed.

Dragon quest slime speaker stand. Scheduled to be released simultaneously with Dragon Quest IX in March 2009 with 4725 yen including tax. It corresponds to both DSi and DS Lite. It can be used as a hand rest with soft touch.

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