Answer that nearly 20% of Russians spend the night with their boss for work

According to a survey of occupational security offices in Russia, nearly 20% of people said they said "I have a sexual relationship with my boss if I am for work."

Moreover, it seems that the number of opinions saying "take actions that are not moral for work is increasing", so it seems that there are increasing numbers of people who answer like this due to depression.

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20% of Russians will sleep with their bosses to save their jobs /

A job security office named "Head Hunter" in Russia took a questionnaire about work for 2,400 people and more than 18% of people said that they "spend one night with their boss for work." And 49% of respondents said they "take unethical and non-moral actions so that they will not lose their jobs in the recession."

Among them, 44% answered "lying", 13% answered "to make people's achievements yourself", 13% other "betray colleagues" and "do anything" He said that there were people.

In addition, many people who answered that they take non-moral behavior are people aged 18 to 30, and it seems that they are getting less as age goes up.

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