A man is thinking about 5000 times staggering annually

In general, men are strongly impressed that women are also thinking about being sloppily frequently, but as a result of investigating how much sexuality they are thinking, nearly 5,000 sexual things a year He seems to have understood what he is thinking.

It seems to be thinking about just 5000 times a year, but if you count how you think about sexuality it may be a similar number.

Details are from the following.
Men think about sex 5,000 times a year - Telegraph

According to this article, market research company "Onepoll"Surveyed about the number of times sexual intercourse was considered for 3000 boys and girls, it seems that men figured out that sexual acts are being thought about with sexual acts on average averaging 13 times averaging a day / average of 4745 times. Also, it seems that about one third of men think about sexuality when getting up in the morning, Onepoll spokesperson said, "It is inevitable to think of sexual things when waking up" I am doing.

Meanwhile, the number of times women think about sexual activity is 5 times on average per day, about 1825 times on average per year, about one third of men.

I actually said that the average number of sexual activities is about twice a week, 75% of men said they were satisfied with this number, but 42% of women were not satisfied, the number of sexual acts It is understood that there is a gender difference also with regard to the satisfaction of. In addition, 43% of the couple said that "male side is inviting sexual activity".

In addition to surveys conducted overseas, I think that it will change how much sexuality is considered depending on time and environment, but the fact that men are thinking about sexual activity more often than females It may be common to all over the world.

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