'New woman's alcohol consumption' is increasing due to the new coronavirus

The pandemic of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) has various effects on people's mental health. An Australian research team has published a study finding that 'pandemics are causing women to drink more than men.'

Women are drinking more during the pandemic, and it's probably got a lot to do with their mental health


The new coronavirus affects not only people's behavior but also their psychology. A study by the US Census Bureau found that about one-third of Americans suffer from mental illness due to the threat of the new coronavirus.

Survey results that ``one-third of Americans became depressed and anxiety disorders'' due to the influence of the new coronavirus-GIGAZINE

'Drinking' has been chosen as a way to escape stress while the outing is restricted by a pandemic. A study team at Monash University in Australia pointed out that multiple findings 'increase alcohol consumption during a pandemic.' Among them, women are drinking more than men.

According to a survey published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in April 2020, 10.8% of the men replied that their drinking was increased, but 18% of the women. In total, 14% of Australians say they have increased their drinking. In the Mental Health Survey on COVID-19 conducted by Monash University in April 2020, 22.5% of men and 31.8% of women who participated in the survey answered that “the amount of drinking increased”. Two studies show that women tend to drink more during a pandemic.

According to a 2016

survey conducted by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the percentage of people who drink five or more alcoholic drinks per week is 14% for men and 6% for women.Generally, women drink more often than men. Tends to be less. However, a study conducted by the National Center for Drugs and Alcohol Research in Australia suggests that middle-aged and older women have increased their drinking levels from 2010 to 2020, suggesting that there is an international tendency to catch up with men. I am.

According to the research team, an increase in women's alcohol consumption is related to their 'motivation to drink'. Men tend to drink in social situations and as a reward for themselves, while women tend to drink to combat stress. As a result, the research team analyzes that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a particular increase in alcohol consumption among women.

According to a survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics from April 29 to May 4, 2020, only 16% of men said they felt lonely, while 28% were women. The results suggest that women are more psychologically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As to why women are being mentally damaged by pandemics, the research team cites 'increasing opportunities to care for children', 'increasing domestic violence cases', 'deterioration of women's economic situation' etc. ..

The research team points out that ``female tends to not receive treatment for alcoholism due to psychological barriers'', arguing that the effect of the pandemic on women's mental health and drinking should be looked at ..

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