The time required for a man to fall in love is 8.2 seconds

A scientist in the UK said that he suggested that "a time of 8.2 seconds is necessary for men to fall in love." Although it seems that men misunderstand that it immediately falls in love when listening to only this, this time of 8.2 seconds seems to be a boundary line of time to perform certain actions.

What exactly is this 8.2 seconds?

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8.2 seconds needed to fall in love - Telegraph

A university in the UK set up hidden cameras and investigated the relationship between the movement of eyes and favorability of 115 students and found that the average of the men meeting their gaze with the woman who answered " The time was 8.2 seconds. On the contrary, it seems that the average time of eye contact with a woman who has not shown much interest has dropped to 4.5 seconds.

Based on this result, it seems that he judged that "If men keep closing their eyes for more than 8.2 seconds, they are already falling in love with a woman who is facing her for the first time."

Meanwhile women say that this law does not apply because they can keep watching the other party regardless of whether the other party is attractive or not.

However, it may not be said that this 8.2 second rule applies, because it may be embarrassed to remove the line of sight, but saying that you can keep your line of sight always shows interest in you, or Because it also leads to being able to forgive our hearts, the 8.2 second rule may be a criterion for judging whether men have favor with them or not.

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