Many men say that if you are cheating, if you are a woman you will forgive

Studies at the University of Texas revealed that men who forgive the partner (female) but forgive each other if they are female (keep oncoming) have more than twice as much as the cheating partner compared to men It is. In the case of women, the opposite is true, and there are many women who can not be allowed (separated) by men when they are affiliated with each other.

It is said that there are biological reasons behind the fact that "There is nothing the child can do with cheating with women, but if you flirt with men you will not know the child's father."

Details are as below.Men more likely to forgive cheating partner's lesbian fling, study finds - Telegraph

Jaime Confer who is enrolled in the doctoral course of evolutionary psychology at the University of Texas in a survey of 700 university students and men and women, men are tolerant of female flothes, and women are strict with cheating between men I made it clear. Thesis isPersonality and Individual DifferencesIt is published in the magazine.

When a partner cheats with one person, or when you flirt with several people, how the subject reacts to the cheating of the partner who is making a relationship for 3 months, such as flirty or cheating on one occasion, In this interview survey that various situations were supposed, regardless of the number of cheating partners and cheating, there was a big difference in the ratio of subjects "forgive" and "unforgivable" depending on the gender of the cheating partner Was revealed.

In male subjects, 50% of associates continued to associate when the cheating partner was a female, while 22% of the subjects continued to associate if the cheating partner was a male. On the other hand, in female subjects, 28% continued to associate when a partner was cheating with a woman, while 21% of subjects continued to associate in case of cheating partner.

Researchers discover this finding that men are upset by the cheating like 'the child's real father becomes uncertain' and that the relationship between partners and other women is "opportunity to marry with multiple women at the same time" It seems to suggest that there is possibility. Also, for women, the affair with partner men is "an unexpected thing that is not satisfied with the present relationship" and it can be thought that it can be considered as "a forerunner of being abandoned."

Generally speaking, Confer says that men are more negative than homosexuals in homosexuality in many cases, and women are more interesting results considering that there are many proponents of citizenship of same-sex couples.

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