It turns out that it is a byproduct of evolution that men follow women with eyes.

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A man who is with a woman will follow the eyes one by one when another woman passes by, and develops into a quarrel without seeing it · A fierce battle may be unfolded,Stirling UniversityWhenUniversity of GlasgowA new study of this turned out to be a by-product in the process of human evolution.

Off the hook: Men can not help staring at other women because they have 'evolved to increase their reproductive success' | Mail Online

According to a new study on relationships between men and women, women are attracted to the face of a man similar to the face of a close person, and men tended to evaluate even the women who saw that men were not attractive in the past It is clear that it is. According to researchers, this is because people have evolved to increase the probability of leaving offspring by men performing sexual intercourse with more women. And, in the research of "how people can attract friends and partners" in the past, research results have shown that people are familiar with the face of well-known people and the face with average size and shape In recent research, it is suggested that the duration of sustainability of the first felt is greatly different between men and women.

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In this study, we conducted an experiment in which photographs of 5 males and females were given to 83 women and 65 men at one time, each photograph was evaluated at 1 to 7 points, and this was repeated several times We did. As a result, women see the reliability and sexy feeling of the man as they see the same male face photograph, and men seem to feel that woman is not so attractive when seeing the same woman twice It turned out that it became.

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Furthermore, Anthony Little, a psychological researcher at the University of Stirling said, "Men tend to seek more women's partners to increase reproductive success rates by mating with many women." Also, psychologist Jane McCartney said that "Many people are programmed to have relationships with a large number of partners is a characteristic of evolution", and it is because men follow-up women with eyes It seems to have evolved to ask for many partners in order to leave descendants more certainly.


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