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ByMagdalena Roeseler

It may be experienced without regard to the neat facial features and experience that the appearance does not depart from the head, but research results denying it from the front are announced. according to this,"An ugly face is more likely to be in human memory than an attractive face"apparently.

Effects of attractiveness on face memory divided from distinctiveness: Evidence from event-related brain potentials

We recognize less attractive faces best: How attractiveness interferes with recognition of faces - ScienceDaily

Dr. Holger Wiese, a psychologist at Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany, showed some subjects "some adorable facial photographs" and "A facial photograph with an unattractive appearance" for a few seconds, respectively for a while Presenting multiple face photos including the photos I showed after a long time and asking if I remember it, I conducted an experiment to ascertain the cognitive ability of my face.

BySarah Stewart

In general, it is easy to think that "an attractive face should be more memorable for people to like beautiful things", but contrary to this,Facial photographs with unappealing appearance are more accurately recognizedExperimental result has come out.
About this result, "Although it tends to be relatively well memorized big eyes and the characteristic shape of the mouth, it is a different story from whether this fascinating face is easy to remember in memory," Dr. Wiese I will talk.

ByBill Strain

In addition, Dr. Wiese's research team says that in the case of a photograph that is asked whether there is familiarity with an attractive face photograph, the subject answers "I am familiar" although he does not actually recognize it I found out that there were many.

BySteve Tulk

Dr. Wiese stated, "There is a tendency to believe that it is obvious that you feel familiar with the appearance as attractive," and memory for an attractive face is not easily altered by a posteriori influence I guessed it.

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