It turns out that women with thick makeup tend to be seen as `` lacking humanity and lacking morality and gentleness ''


Makeup has the power to change the way people look, and the impression can change significantly when you are not doing makeup. A research team at the Free University of Brussels, Belgium, stated that women with heavy makeup tend to look less human, less moral and less generous.

An Initial Test of the Cosmetics Dehumanization Hypothesis: Heavy Makeup Diminishes Attributions of Humanness-Related Traits to Women | SpringerLink

New study finds women wearing heavy makeup are viewed as having less human-like traits

'A growing body of research has shown that sexual appearance of the body promotes dehumanization and imitation of subjects,' said

Philippe Bernard of the Free University of Brussels. For example, women who wear lingerie and take provocative poses tend to be evaluated as poorly human because they perform the same visual processing as objects at a basic cognitive level.

`` A series of studies was important in understanding how people perceive sexual images appearing in the media, but how subtle sexual forms such as makeup affect the impression of models and general women Little is known about this, 'said Bernard. So Bernard's research team conducted experiments on about 1,000 subjects, mainly Americans and British.



In the experiment, the subject was shown a photo of a woman without makeup, and a photo of the same photo with heavy makeup using ModiFace , a virtual makeup application by AI. The subjects then responded to a questionnaire about the impressions received from the photos.

Analysis of the questionnaire results revealed that subjects perceived that women with heavy makeup had lower humanity, independence, experience, ability, warmth, and morality than women without makeup . Also, thick makeup faces tended to be judged more 'sexual' than undressed faces.

'Because a face with makeup is judged to be more sexual, sexual sensations are not only physical features such as clothing sticking to the skin and provocative postures, but also mascara and lipstick. It has been shown that it can be conveyed by features, 'says Bernard.



The researchers pointed out that the tendency to feel the face with heavy makeup more sexual and less human was irrespective of the sexual orientation of men and women and individuals. Even if the subject was a woman who felt sexually appealing to men, he said that he had determined that women with heavy makeup were 'more sexual than women without makeup'. Also, regardless of whether the woman in the picture is a model or an ordinary woman, heavy makeup seems to have the effect of strengthening sexual and impersonal impressions.

According to the research team, there was no evidence that 'the tendency to feel the subject's face as sexual is related to the tendency to receive an impersonal impression from the subject'. 'Sexually looking at the subject may not be the underlying mechanism of looking at the make-up person impersonally,' the research team suggests.

In this study, we compared the face without makeup and the face with heavy makeup using ModiFace, but in the future, gradually change the thickness of makeup, and what effect if the makeup is thinner in the future It is possible to investigate whether or not appears.

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