Study results that women like men of "stubble" clearly

I thought that a stubble may be seen as a filthy look when seen from a woman, but according to recent research results, women are shorter and harder stubblee than full rich beards It seems that you know that you like.

The results of the research are as follows.
Women prefer men with stubble for love, sex and marriage - Telegraph

As a result of investigating the women participating in the study, the woman said a man with a stubble "Tough, mature, active, dominantIt was understood that it was understood to evaluate as "It is. On the contrary, it seems that it seems that there seems to be a tendency to think to want to make long-term relationship as the best romantic partner.

The details about what to say about why you feel charm to stubble has not been revealed yet, but the face of a man's face is "Strong social signal"and"An obvious biological marker showing sexual maturityIt is said that it is becoming. As a result, the face of the whiskered face, despite its terrible appearance, is "Succeeded as a manIt is related to the fact that men with whiskers have been sexually chosen by women. Conversely speaking, the face with beautiful beard is "A sign indicating that it is immature sexuallyIt seems there is a possibility that it is becoming.

In other words, rather than shaving a beautiful beard or a whisker perfectly, the length of just about a stubble should be "A man mature unequivocallyIt seems that there is a tendency for women to prefer favor as ".

Incidentally, this research was conducted for women in the UK from 18 to 44 years old, which could explain to some extent the popularity of acting actors with stubia such as George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

As this trend has large-scale cultural differences, it is said that it is necessary to conduct large-scale research in as many countries as possible. What kind of results will be given in Japan ... ....

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