Why do people kiss?


So farHumanity began to kiss to spread viruses and to immunizeResearch results have been announced, but for the question "Why do people kiss?" A new study "Kisses evaluate potential partners and get a sustainable relationship in human relations It is a method of becoming it. "

Kissing helps us find the right partner - and keep them

Why Do We Kiss?

This research was conducted by researchers at Oxford UniversityHuman NatureMagazines andArchives of Sexual BehaviorWhat was announced in the magazine. In the study, the relationship between the kiss and the quality of human relations, and the difference between the meanings of kisses among men and women were examined.

"Spouse selection and courtship in humans is complicated," said Robin Dunbar, who studied. "Based on the face, body, atmosphere, etc., judgment is made continuously, such as" Can I advance this relationship deeper? "Judgment becomes more detailed as you enter the courtship stage, and here There is a role that kiss has. "

A survey of "Kisses and their importance in long-term and short-term relationships" was conducted for 308 men and 594 females, totaling 902 people. At the time of the survey half of the women had established a long-term relationship. As a result of the research, it is generally thought that women consider kissing more important than men in relation, and that both men and women are attracted to themselves and those who are likely to have short-term and romantic relationships I found out that kissing is considered more important.

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In past research, women have to invest more time in descendants from pregnancy to child rearing, so we know that there is a tendency to become selective in the early stages of partner selection, and as well as women are attractive themselves And those who tend to have casual sex partners also know that they are more favorite partners. The importance of kissing people who love partners means that kissing can help say that they are helping to evaluate potential partners.

Also interestingly, the importance of kissing in long-term relationships and short-term relationships has changed, and women seem to have more importance of kissing in long-term relationship than men. This is thought to be related to women's emphasis on long-term relationships.

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Also, the most important kiss for those who are establishing a short-term relationship is a kiss before sex, its importance declines as the sex goes down and becomes least important when you do not have sex However, as researchers asked, on the background of "human relations", if a goal is to make relationships and maintain persistent connections, a kiss between before sex and when not having sex I found that it has equal importance.

In the past CNNKiss provides perceptual information such as taste, smell and sound of the opponentAlthough he reported that he would like to again decide whether he would like to kiss with his opponent, this research supported the idea that "Kiss is the way to choose a future lover." When I told Helen Fisher 's words about CNN' s interview,Kiss is not just to kiss, it is a point to decide stepwise expansion or stepwise reduction in lover selectionI hear that you can say that.

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