A research result that the woman is stronger in olfactory sense to body odor than men is announced

Diversification of perfumes and deodorant products has an image that females are more sensitive to odor than men, but research results that females are stronger in sense of smell than body males It is said that it was announced.

Details are as below.
An Evolutionary Explanation for Sexual Smell Differences | Wired Science from Wired.com

According to a study by organic chemist George Preti et al. At Monel Chemistry Center, women can segregate body odor under other fragrance conditions. In the case of men, it seems that body odor will not be known soon.

Preti says, "Men produce thousands of gametes everyday, but women only once a month, because women are more likely to spend on reproductive activities than men, so biologically opponents who better match themselves I am trying to find it. " Pheromone researchers who think that the olfactory function of mammals has evolved to detect genetic inconsistencies in the smell are also other than Preti.

By the way, in the research it seems that mixing the two deodorants on the market has the effect of cutting the smell most.

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