The mascot character of Sun TV "Oh! Sun" enters "Street Fighter Online"

Previously, I introduced a lot of moviesThe strong mascot boasted by Sun TV "Oh! Sun"Is an online match-up fighting game "Street fighter onlineIt has become clear that I will participate in the game.

Oh! Sun has a track record of baseball, golf and so on so far, can we fight?

Details are as below.
Sun TV | Oh! Sun TV

【Daletto】 Street fighter online

This was released as a local series of Street Fighter Online, oh! Sun will appear from April 9 (Thursday). Even so, actually it's ok! It seems that Sun will not be fighting but fighting as a head accessory.

Oh! Sun equipped gile



Reiko Chu

It is such a feeling when it is a competition screen.

In addition, Oh! Sun's profile is as follows.

I am always blurred at my own pace, but I can not hate it for some reason. Born and raised in Nagata Ward, Kobe City. My name is 38, "Lie's Sanpa!?"
Of course, it is a big Hanshin fan and he is a cheering headmaster of Sun TV.

Speaking of Sun TV, it will continue relaying no matter how long it extends from the game start to the end of the matchSun TV box seatIt is famous. Of course, I am doing a full relay even this year.

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