Research results that "the stress level drops as the smell of partner's shirt falls"

byAdam Dachis

"It will be a powerful help to reduce stress by sniffing its smell without having physical contact with the partner" by Marlise Hofer, a graduate student majoring in psychology at the University of British Columbia (UBC) Research found out.

Olfactory cues from romantic partners and strangers influence women's responses to stress.

Stressed out? Try smelling your partner's shirt

Why Sniffing Your Partner's Shirt Helps Reduce Stress

The research team conducted a survey on 96 pairs of opposite sex couples. First of all, male subjects were asked to wear a T - shirt without attaching Deodorand etc for 24 hours, and then the T - shirt was frozen to preserve the smell. At this time, smoking was prohibited during the period so as not to affect the body odor of men, and food was limited.

Female subjects were divided into two groups, one group "unused T-shirt and partner's wearing T-shirt", and the other group said "unused T-shirt and unknown men wore T-shirt "smelled. In the experiment women were made to "smell the smell" researchers explain that past studies have found that women tend to have a sharper sense of olfactory than men.

After sniffing the two kinds of shirts respectively, women conducted simulated interviews and mental arithmetic to raise the stress level. After doing the two tasks, I asked the question "How much stress are felt" and asked what is in the bloodCortisolThe concentration was examined. Adrenocortical hormone cortisol is also called "stress hormone" because it is secreted in large quantities by excessive stress.

As a result of the investigation, it was found that the level of cortisol was lower in women who were handed a shirt wearing the T - shirt worn by the partner than the women handed the T - shirt worn by others. Also, in the group of women who smelled the two kinds of smells like unused T - shirts and T - shirts worn by the partner, the cortisol level was much lower when the smell of the partner was smelled. In addition, from the question about the stress level, it turned out that women who were smelling the partner 's T - shirt smell had less of a sense of stress after any task.

And we also found that women who could recognize partner's smell at the time of the experiment had a greater decrease in cortisol level.

Meanwhile, women who smelled the smell of others also said that the cortisol level was higher than when they smelled the smell of unused T - shirts. Researchers about this, researchers said, "From the very young age people are afraid of unknown people, especially men who do not know.Therefore, even though the odor of an unknown man is not noticed by himselfFight or run away or reactIt is a possible trigger to increase the level of cortisol, "he says.

Frances Chen, Associate Professor of Psychology at UBC who researched, "Our research shows that even one who is far away from home, one that the loved one was wearing It is possible that you can lower your stress level with clothing. "

byMaxim B

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