The more people with opposite sex in their homes, the more obvious they tend not to get frustrated with love

A man who grew up surrounded by older sister and sister or woman grew up surrounded by brothers brothers revealed the research result that the approach to heterosexuality is less passive than those who were raised in the same sex .

As a result of experiments with rats, it is meant that both men and women have such a tendency, but for example,Herbivorous boysIs the family of families often a woman family?

Details of the research are as follows.Men brought up with women are less sexy - Telegraph

Individuality and habit should have already been determined at the genetic level, but the sexual appeal of men and women is said to be related to the environment of childhood greatly "Psychological ScienceIt was announced in the magazine.

The scholar team of psychiatric biology at the University of Texas toured the newborn rats into three different environments and experimented. I observed how one grows in a group with more males, the second group in a group with more females, the third one grows in addition to a half group of male and female.

The rats that grew in overwhelmingly large groups of females when their rats had grown since they grew had more mating times than rats with a large number of male and a group of male and female half- The result that it was few was given.

In addition, female rats were raised in three kinds of groups in the same way, and rats raised in a group with many males swiftly compared the rats grown in other groups, ear waving signature of mating It seems that the number of movements to move is small.

These results seem to have concluded that the approach to sexual appeal and heterosexuality is overwhelmingly influenced by the habitat environment rather than the personality that it has in nature.

Although it seems that it is likely that it is hard to have dreams and illusions about opposite sex with the presence of heterosexual brothers, that such results at the experimental stage of the rat live together in the family It may be due to the fact that you get accustomed to the opposite sex.

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