Research results that men are not evaluated by women and their fathers, no matter how good the personality is,


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According to the latest paper on evolutionary psychology published at SpringerLink, an online platform that compiles over 10 million scientific articles, physical attraction works better for his father than his partner It is possible. It has also been shown that women and their fathers expect their companionship to have a minimum of physical attraction.

The Relative Importance of Physical Attractiveness and Personality Characteristics to the Mate Choices of Women and Their Fathers | SpringerLink

The attractiveness of their daughter's dating partner might be more important to parents than they realize

Madlin A. Fugeel, a professor of social psychology at Eastern Connecticut State University, investigated how appearance and personality value partners and their parents. He said he was interested in “the influence of appearance and personality” when talking to new students and their parents at the same time at the university.

When Mr. Fugeer examined whether similar research papers had been published in the past, there were studies that similarly focused on `` human appearance '', but most of them were based on self-reported questionnaire survey results It seems that it was. In self-report-based research, it has been consistently evaluated that 'physical attractiveness' is less important to the parent than the person who is associated with the other person.

However, unlike the results of previous self-reported research, Fugeer thought that his parents would value the partner's appearance more importantly than the person who would associate with the partner. For that reason, Mr Fugeer said, 'Based on evolution, we reasoned that physical attraction is an indicator of good genetic quality, and that this is something that parents consciously value.' Talking.


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Therefore, Mr. Fuger conducted a survey to measure what women and their fathers emphasize as 'important points for men', combining both physical attractiveness and personality traits . In the survey, 86 pairs of women and their fathers were presented with pictures of men and asked to rate them as 'very attractive men', 'somewhat attractive men', or 'unattractive men' It was. In the survey, they also checked out a profile that shows the personality characteristics of men along with their photos.

Studies have shown that both women and their fathers tend to prefer men with the 'most desirable personality trait', but only if the men themselves are 'very attractive'. On the other hand, a man who is not physically attractive, that is, a man whose appearance is unattractive, even if the man has the most attractive personality traits, `` A man with a moderate appearance and an undesirable personality trait It ’s clear that it ’s rated lower than


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`` The physical attraction of the partner may be more important than the women and their parents are aware of, '' PgerPost told PsyPost , which reports on psychology and neuroscience about the results. The

He added, 'In the case of self-reporting, we do not always report our preferences exactly. Our experiments show that both daughters and their fathers find that personality traits are more important than physical attraction. However, it has been suggested that when fathers choose men as their daughter's potential partners, physical attraction plays a greater role than personality traits. '

In addition, women and their fathers cited the same men as “best men” at about 48%. It should be noted that if the males listed by the daughter and the father do not match, it is clear that the daughter asks the man for 'more physical attraction' and the father prefers personality traits.

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Mr. Fuger says that he will conduct more advanced research based on past research `` Mother emphasizes physical attractiveness of men when considering potential partners of daughters '' .

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