Research results that 'people with low voices are more likely to have an affair with both men and women'

Not only appearance but also 'voice' is an important factor in romantic relationships, and there is a

survey result that many women say that they like the low voice of men. However, research teams at the University of Copenhagen and the University of Göttingen have released research results that 'men and women with low voices are more likely to betray their partners and cheat.'

Voice Pitch – A Valid Indicator of One's Unfaithfulness in Committed Relationships? | SpringerLink

Men and women with deeper voices are more likely to be unfaithful to their partners, study suggests

Humans make various social judgments based on the pitch of the other person's voice, for example, 'a man with a low voice is attractive, but a woman with a low voice is not attractive'. Tend to be. It is also known that the pitch of the voice reflects the physical characteristics of the other party, and in general, the lower the voice, the taller the person, and the higher the level of the male hormone testosterone.

Interestingly, voice pitch is also used as a clue to honesty in romantic relationships, and past studies have shown that 'female finds low-voiced men attractive, but at the same time may have an affair. also it feels 'it is high has been found .

So, a research team led by Christoph Schild, a psychologist at the University of Copenhagen, used three data from previous studies to determine whether loudness was actually associated with the act of betraying a lover. We did a

meta-analysis on the set. The dataset consisted of 315 males and 550 females, for a total of 865 people, including multiple audio recordings and answers to the question 'Have you had an affair in the past?'

The research team reanalyzed the voice contained in each dataset and measured the average low voice to investigate its association with cheating. As a result of reanalyzing the three data sets together, the result was that 'males and females with low voices had a significantly higher rate of having an affair in the past.' There have been studies in the past investigating the relationship between voice pitch and cheating behavior in men, but this is the first study to show that female voice pitch is associated with cheating behavior. The research team said that the upper and lower limits of voice pitch and pitch fluctuations were not predictors of cheating behavior.

A previous study led by Schild found that 'female can predict how cheating a man will be based on the pitch of the man's voice.' This suggests that the pitch of the voice may be used by women as a clue to avoid the loss of having a relationship with a dishonest partner.

Previous studies have found that men with lower voices are more likely to have an affair, saying, 'Because low voices are attractive in men, men with low voices may have more sexual partners and have an affair. There was a speculation that there was. ' In this study, which showed that voice pitch was associated with cheating in both men and women, masculine characteristics such as 'low voice' may have led to an increase in sexual partners in both men and women. It has been suggested. The research team said further research was needed to recreate this finding and find additional reasons to explain the link between loudness and flirtation.

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