It is clear that the handsome guy has a long ring finger, and the surprising relationship between the length and appearance of the male finger

One study found that men with longer ring fingers than their index fingers are better-looking and more likely to be so-called 'good-looking guys' who are considered attractive to women.

It seems that there is no direct relationship between finger length and appearance, but it seems that male hormones act on finger length, which makes it possible to find a relationship with physical characteristics. ..

The relationship between the appearance of a man and the length of a finger is as follows.

Male finger lengths related to attractiveness

Digit ratio (2D: 4D) predicts facial, but not voice or body odour, attractiveness in men | Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

Studies have shown that men who have a longer ring finger than their index finger are more likely to be attractive to women.

The finger length ratio is said to be related to sex hormones, and those with longer ring fingers have been exposed to testosterone , a male hormone, in the womb during fetal life. It is believed to gain various physical characteristics.

There is a numerical value comparing the second finger (index finger) and the fourth finger (ring finger) called the 2D: 4D ratio, and this ratio is higher when the index finger is longer, and conversely when the ring finger is longer. The number will be lower. And what this study showed is that this 2D: 4D ratio is low, that is, people with longer ring fingers are better looking and tend to be thought of as so-called 'good-looking guys'. bottom.

Professor Camille Ferdenzi of the University of Geneva measured the finger length (2D: 4D ratio) of 49 male subjects before taking a photo of their faces. We asked female subjects, who were divided into two groups of 49 and 35, to randomly display their pictures. He was then instructed to select a 'man who could have a short relationship' who would be a partner for a short date or aventure, and a 'man who could have a long-term relationship' who might consider getting married in the future.

Looking at the results, researchers analyzed that men with long ring fingers were often nominated for both long-term and short-term dating. Also, it seems that the left-right symmetry of the facial modeling was linked to the length of the ring finger. However, contrary to the myth that men with long ring fingers are strongly influenced by androgens, masculinity has little to do with the length of the ring finger.

“The results show that women are looking for physically superior partners to have better offspring,” says the researchers.

In addition, when we asked female subjects to evaluate the recorded voices of male subjects and cotton with the underarm odor based on two criteria, 'masculinity' and 'attractiveness,' they found that they had body odor and voice pitch. He said that he did not find any particular connection between the impression he felt from the characteristics and the 2D: 4D ratio.

'For these physical characteristics, the effects of androgens secreted during growth may be stronger than the effects of testosterone in the womb,' he said.

Other research results have been published that the physical characteristic that 'the ring finger is longer than the index finger' shows the inside of the person, and in the past, 'it tends to be easy to get wealth' or 'the opposite sex'. It has been argued in connection with results such as 'showing sexual orientation such as love or homosexuality' or 'highly competitive'. And in this study, it is claimed that men with longer ring fingers are more masculine and have a symmetrical face.

By the way, it seems that the length of the fingers of the right hand is more important than the length of the left hand, so you may want to check the length of your fingers once.

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