Long fingers on the left hand are easy to violate traffic

Studies have shown that it is highly likely that those with the left hand ring finger longer than the index finger are likely to cause traffic violations.

The cause of frequent traffic violation has strong impression such as personality such as personality, but according to this research, apparently it seems to have already been decided at the time of birth.

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Ananova - Men with long ring fingers drive faster

Men with long fingers drive faster - Telegraph

According to this article, we collected 38 men aged 77 or over in Germany at Mainz University in Germany and measured the lengths of the ring finger and the index finger on the left side and investigated how much traffic violation occurred in the past five years, People who have longer ring fingers than the index finger seem to have found that many people caused traffic violations such as speeding violations and parking violations.

According to a researcher, a man who frequently violates traffic seems to have input genes that are already liable to traffic violations since birth,testosteroneIt is said that the male hormone is greatly related. If the testosterone receptor is stimulated by contact with testosterone, the growth of the ring finger seems to be activated, and the health status and personality are decided depending on how much testosterone has come in contact with the mother, that is, the ring finger is long It seems that there are many contacts with testosterone.

Since the population of the group to be studied is 38 people, there is a possibility that this result is not correct unequivocally, but those who have longed their ring finger looking at their left hand are more careful than ever You may as well try to keep driving while driving.

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