Women can protect their secrets until the 2nd

Sometimes we see something like "keep women's relationships by sharing secrets" in magazines and the Internet, but it is only 2 days for women to be able to keep secrets It seems that research has made it clear.

I do not know if the number of two days is faster than men in this research, but if this content is hit, is it that the story will walk alone when talking to someone?

Details are from the following.
AdelaideNow ... Secrets safe with women - for 47 hours

According to this article, we surveyed 3,000 women between the ages of 18 and 65 years old "how long can a woman keep a secret" and it will leak the secret within an average of 47 hours and 15 minutes It seems that we found out. The result is that it is irrelevant whether it is confidential information or personal secret or confidential information.

Although 60% of the women who leaked the secret were those who had nothing to do with the secret, 40% of the women had leaked to the secret-related party, the first person to talk to was a boyfriend or husband , Close friends, mothers and so on.

83% of women answered "I absolutely will keep a secret" and I think that I think that I am a 100% trustworthy person within a friendly group, but 40% of women tell their friends' secrets It seems that it is within the permissible range to tell people who do not know about friends.

Fortunately, it turned out that 27% of people who confessed secrets did not remember the content, and there seem to be cases in which the secret did not leak out as a result.

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