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Sexual tastes are highly privacy, and few people share their experiences and preferences with others. Data on such highly privacy-oriented sexual information has been released in the United Kingdom since 1990.

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The graph below shows how many times a person '16-24 years old' has had sex in the last 4 weeks. In the 1990 and 2000 surveys, the number of women was 5 and the number of men was 3, but in 2010 the number of women decreased to 4. The number of men remains the same as in 1990 and 2000, at 3 times.

For '25-34 years old', in 1990, there were 6 males and 5 females. In the 2000 survey, the number of men decreased to five, but the number of women remained the same as in 1990. In 2010, both men and women decreased to 4 times, and the number of sexes seems to be decreasing over the past 20 years.

The number of times people '35-44 years old' have had sex in the past four weeks is the same for both men and women in three surveys. 1990 was 5 times, 2000 was 4 times, and 2010 was 3 times.

This graph shows the percentage of people who have had same-sex sex by gender. Including all types of sex, including oral sex and anal sex, the proportion of men remained almost unchanged from 1990 to 2010, while that of women was 5%, 10% and 15%, with same-sex sex. The percentage of experienced people is rising to eel climbing.

When limited to same-sex sex where genitals touch each other, the proportion decreases for both men and women. However, women have an increasing proportion of same-sex sex experiences throughout the ages.

The graph below shows what type of sex you have experienced in the last year and the percentage by age group. The percentage of men and women who have normal sex that men insert into the vagina of women is as follows, and it seems that the percentage of men and women who have sex after the age of 45 tends to decrease.

This is the percentage of men and women who have oral sex.

As far as anal sex between men and women is concerned, the percentage is 20% or less in all age groups.

The percentage of same-sex oral sex is infinitely close to zero percent for all age groups.

Same-sex anal sex. The proportion of women is zero.

This is a graph showing the percentage of people who masturbated in the last 4 weeks by age group. There is a large difference in proportion between men and women, but the difference becomes smaller as the age increases.

If you live with your partner like this.

If you limit it to people who are dating, it will be as follows. It's interesting to note that the percentage of men aged 45-54 who have masturbated in the last four weeks has dropped significantly.

For single men and women.

The graph below shows the percentage of people who have used sexual medical services. The percentage of people who received medical examinations in obstetrics and gynecology and urology was almost 0% in 1990, but increased to 10% in 2010.

The percentage of people who underwent HIV testing was about 10% for men and women in both 1990 and 2000, but in 2010 it increased to about 30% for women and about 18% for men.

This is the percentage of people who have used sexual services that have paid for in the last five years. Sex services are not as developed in the UK as in Japan, and the percentage is less than 5% throughout the ages, but according to the research team, many people who used sex services used it abroad. is.

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