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Apple Watch Series 2While holding the same body as the Nike sports band that is perfect for wearing at the time of sports with outstanding breathability, Nike original model of Apple Watch that the original dial can be used is "Apple Watch Nike +"is. Nike has released a running support applicationNIKE + RUN CLUBIt became an integrated model and it seemed to be active widely from momentum measurement at running to motivation up so I tried to check what kind of terminal it was on October 28 of the release date and got instantly It was.

Apple Watch Nike + - Apple (Japan)

◆ Photo review
The package of Apple Watch Nike + looks something like this. Speaking of Apple products is definitely in a pure white box, but the Apple Watch Nike + box is black.

When you open the box, white paper is contained inside ... ...

Below that there is Apple Watch Nike +.

Further below is a magnetic charging cable and a USB power adapter.

Taking out all the contents of the box contains the body of the Apple Watch Nike +, magnetic charging cable, USB power adapter, paper case.

In the paper case there was a description and a sub Nike sports band.

Apple Watch Nike + is like this, and the countless Nike sports band features a hole. This time I purchased Apple Watch Nike +Space gray aluminum case and black / cool gray Nike sports band38mm case model.

The back side is like this, Nike sports band is two tone color.

On the back of the band is the "Apple Watch Nike +" logo.

Front of main unit

On the back side is the word "Apple Watch", "SERIES 2", "Nike +" and contains the word Apple Watch Nike + in Apple Watch Series 2.

Digital crown and side buttons on the right side

On the left side is a speaker and a microphone

The method of using the Nike sports band is the same as the sports band, and the protrusion at the end of the band ......

Insert it in the opposite band ... ...

Just put the extra band in the hole on the other side.

Then you will be able to install it like this.

Apple Watch Nike + is the exact same terminal as the Apple Watch Series 2, except for the characters on the band and the back. You can see how the Apple Watch Series 2 evolved from the original Apple Watch by reading the following article.

Report using "Apple Watch Series 2" evolved - GIGAZINE

◆ Nike Sports Band
I compared the sports band of the original Apple Watch with the Nike sports band. The touch that I touched is a unique feeling that both feel the same, sucking moistly in the hand while being smooth.

The Nike sports band is made of fluoroelastomer, which is lightweight and improved in air permeability by compression molded ventilation hole. I think that people who have worn the Apple Watch sports band actually understand, but since the bands repel moisture, it is extremely hot to sweat between Apple Watch and the wrist during hot summer and exercise It is disgusting. But Nike sports band has many vent holes, so moisture between the band and the wrist is easy to evaporate.

◆ Nike original dial plate
First time startup setupAfter you finish, Apple Watch Nike + will display information about NIKE + RUN CLUB notification first as follows.

This is the faceplate for Apple Watch Nike +.

NIKE + RUN CLUB starts when you tap the indication "black also and today you can not run?" At the bottom of the Nike icon on the upper left of the dial, which is characterized by two tons of black and lime yellow (officially said it is bolt).

In the NIKE + RUN CLUB of the Apple Watch application, the "START" button for starting running

Button to display running distance / elapsed time / speed

Running settings

Button to set "When to run next"

You can display the running distance and running time screen etc during running.

Actually watching NIKE + RUN CLUB running with Apple Watch Nike + can be seen in the following movie. When NIKE + RUN CLUB paused or stopped the measurement, it felt better than Apple's genuine workout application that it notifies the results of running by voice. In addition, NIKE + RUN CLUB is an application that can be installed for free without purchasing Apple Watch Nike +, even if it is not Nike original dial, it can be registered in the Complication part.

When I run NIKE + RUN CLUB with Apple Watch Nike +, it feels like this - YouTube

The only thing you can get on Apple Watch Nike + is dial design, the original ones are the following two types. "Nike + Digital" is set by default, but the dial plate "Nike + Analog" is also Nike original.

Nike original dial design can be changed finely according to user's preference. Changing dial design is done from paired iPhone 's Apple Watch application, but in the case of Nike original dial, colors and styles can be chosen from multiple designs.

In addition, "Apple Watch Nike +" can be purchased from tax of 37,800 yen and can be purchased from the same price as the sports band of Apple Watch Series 2 or woven nylon, so a person named "I want the latest Apple Watch!" Is an option It might be good to think about it.

Also, "Apple Watch Nike +" can be obtained at the GIGAZINE New Year's Holiday gifts big release project.

GIGAZINE New year's holiday gift big release project "Please answer the questionnaire and bring them all!" - GIGAZINE

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