The condition for women to marry partners is no longer "economic strength"

According to a marriage survey asked to 1,000 unmarried women, rather than economic power, the priority is higher for those who prefer "housekeeping / childcare cooperation" or "understanding to work". Certainly, no matter how much money you have, if you do not cooperate and do not understand, it may not be meaningful to be together.

Details are as follows. Whether it is helpful for those who are not married yet.
Public survey data View of 1,000 married women [Married in the case of net research]

First of all, there is a sense of sadness from the table of contents.

■ Single female marriage is threatening to be 30 years old, giving up will peak at 40 years
■ 1 out of 4 unmarried women "do not want children"
■ Requirements for marriage partner "Comprehensive cooperation in housework and child care" "Understanding of work" rather than "economic strength"

And this graph, which is the basis of "30 years old to be married", can not be convinced well.

The problem is the reason why one out of every four women, "I do not think they want children".

47% "I am not confident of raising children", 46% "I am worried about raising children in the current social situation", 37% "difficult to balance work and parenting" misery.

Also, is there a lover? Percentage by age of year is very interesting. In response to the question as to whether or not there is a lover who thinks of marriage, one in three answered "Yes". About half of those who answered "I do not think about marriage, but there is a lover." In other words, it seems that there are lovers in over 80% of people.
Looking at by age, the rate at which the most lovers exist at 23 and 27 years of age is increasing, so if you miss this time, it may feel like that ... as it is.

Lastly, conditions for marriage partner to unmarried woman who intends to marry. "Personality and personality" is 100%, "Values ​​and affinity match" 98%, "Romance feeling" 91%. In addition, "ranking of responsibilities of housework / childcare and cooperation" and "understanding and cooperation for their work" are higher as the ranking than conditions such as "economic strength" "occupation" "social position".

... Are you too hopeless?

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