Although 90% of working people have a desire to get married, 40% of them have dating relationships

HOME'S of the real estate information portal site is an information site "COBS ONLINE"Although it is the result of the investigation made to the 20 year old society registered in the 20s, 90% of the 20s society people have a desire to get married although there is a difference in the timing, of which actually they currently go out with the opposite sex There were about 40% of the results. Consciousness and actual action do not necessarily accompany it seems to be present condition.

Details are as follows.
A survey on the sense of romance and cohabitation of 20's society people | HOME'S Research

First of all, in the survey on cohabitation before marriage, 78% said that they allowed cohabitation, 15% opposed. Everyone seems to be rather tolerant about cohabitation.

What is considered as the merit of cohabitation is "to be able to determine the personality and compatibility of the opponent before marriage" is 88% and it is innocent. There seems to be some economic conditions, but it seems that they mainly think of the opponent.

However, 56% think that cohabitation is the premise of marriage seems not necessarily directly connected.

Things to protect if living together, things concerning the rule, the second place, the fifth place, and the eighth place concerning the privacy concerning the first place, the fourth place, the sixth place, the seventh place, the ninth and the tenth place It seems that these two are big. Regarding privacy, many people responded that they need two rooms or more if they live together, securing their own time seems to be an important proposition.

Survey on marriage awareness. Although the times vary, 89% of people think they want to get married. Is the remaining 11% people full of work and private?

Presence or absence of opposite sexual relationship. 62% of men and 52% of women are not answered.

Although I want to get married but I do not have an opponent now, even if I go out, the character and compatibility can be thoroughly determined, the way to marriage feels like a long distance ...

Detailed findings are below. Note that it is a PDF file.

PDF file: 【HOME'S Research】 "Survey on living together with 20-social society's love view"

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