Almost 60% of women have purchase experience triggered by TV commercials

So, is that a site with female users as the main point is that sales are good? Also, is it different from video viewing on the Internet represented by GyaO ...?

Other results are as follows.
Survey on "TV watching" About 60% of women have purchase experience triggered by TV commercials(PDF file)

The TV seen at home is "CRT" less than 80%, "thin" 20%. About 3% who are watching on "PC" ... I am this 3%.

For TV screen size, "CRT" is 29 inches or less, "thin" is 30 inches or more.

And almost 90% of HDD / DVD recorder users seem to see what they recorded. The rest people recorded but I did not see them. If there is something in this, if there is a nice solution, it is a premonition that it is likely to break at a stretch.

So, it is also the title of this time, almost 60% of women purchase the TV commercials as a trigger, but it seems to be "...". About 30% of respondents cited "having" access to the website of the company, products, services etc due to watching TV commercials. The breakdown is men's mid-20%. Women are stronger than 30%.

Even if you say something, the superiority of television is still strong. Someday it will be reversed ....

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