The five things that a very happy couple keeps everyday

Even if you get married you may be happy immediately after that, as time goes by, it may become unhappy gradually. If you think carefully, it is natural that your feelings will cool down if you leave it as it is without doing anything, so if you do not keep doing something variously, you can not maintain your happiness just after marriage. It seems to be more hard to do as much as we can now than to go to ruin with confidence without the basis of saying "We are different, we remain in love love forever".

That's why there seems to be "a very happy couple keeping in mind everyday", and for someone who thinks they want to keep on getting along well, they have been helpful or have already cooled down, but once again It might be useful for those who want to do something.

Details are as below.
5 Things Super-Happy Couples Do Every Day - Redbook

■ Everyday Habits Part 1: Talking to each other often

One of the most important things for a successful marriage is that it is very easy to talk to each other often. I just said that they need only a little everyday, so they just have to spend time with each other and make something to talk about as a part of lifestyle, they are totally different. Every day, only a few minutes is enough, so it seems to me to think about each other as to why I am married to my current opponent. As an actual example, it is a good habit to have a couple walk a pet every day and to do something together every day with two people.

■ Everyday Habits Part 2: Take an attitude that is sexually attractive

If you get married in your teens, you may have sex every day, but in reality it is almost impossible for most couples to have sex every night as they get older. That does not mean that you do not have to do anything, it is said that you should praise each other for sexuality. In short, do not let the sexual appeal diminish. Then you do not have sex every day, you will want to have sex with nature from time to time, so that you can be in good relationship. This is similar to chocolate cake, it gets bored if you eat chocolate cake for 5 consecutive days, but it seems to be the same as saying that if you eat chocolate cake after talking about chocolate cake for about 5 days then it will be delicious.

■ Everyday Habit Part 3: Doing something stupid together by two people

As I am working, I am exposed to various stress as a professional, and even if I return home at that state, the state of that stress is only maintained, so it is a bit stupid (= leading to stress relief It is said that you should do it together by two people.

■ Everyday Habits Part 4: To be independent

It is self-evident that it will collapse if it is indeed the same for just two people, and it is decided by the opponent what time to do what time. In the same way, it is important to hold time with your own honesty, have your own hobbies, and have each other's life properly, because it will be stuffy when you stay together too much.

■ Daily Habits Part 5: Praying together

According to a survey of the University of Chicago, 75% of Americans praying with their spouses said their marriage was very happy. By the way, 57% said they were very happy people who did not pray together. This does not mean to believe in religion separately but means to pray for each other. If you can pray for something about each other or about your opponent instead of praying for something of yourself, you will be able to spiritually share with others, and honesty can be talked to each other in another dimension It seems to bring it inside.

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