According to a 5000 questionnaire surveyed abundantly in traveling experience, the most beautiful girls are mostly in America

A questionnaire surveyed on more than 5,000 people with abundant travel experiences, it seems that the survey result that America is the country with the most beautiful women in the world is the United States. Less than,Giselle BunchenOtherProduce many fashion modelsBrazil to second place,Penelope CruzYaAntonio BanderasSpain with a strong image of Latin beautiful girls such as Ladies and Ladies has become third place.

Were they able to rank in Japan?

Details are as below.Americans are 'most attractive' people in the world, poll finds - Telegraph

This survey is an online research companyOnePollWas aimed at more than 5000 British people who have traveled around the world and the top 20 countries have been announced.

It is also an obesity powerhouseAmerica, but OnePoll's spokeswoman is "Jessica AlbaYaJennifer Aniston,Brad PittA Hollywood star like that would also contribute to the image that the United States is a mass producer of beautiful girls. It is certain that the population of 300 million people or more is an advantage. "

1st place · USA 2nd place Brazil · 3rd place After Spain 4th place was,Nicole KidmanYaKate BlanchettIn addition to being the hometown of beautiful actress such as, Australia that the image of "sunburned blonde surfer" is strong from the British side. Latin Italian is fifth with Spain below,Blonde BeautySweden in the country was ranked sixth and Japan seems to be ranked 15th.

The ranking of "Beautiful Beauty's Country" ranked as follows. (For respondents are British,England·Wales·ScotlandEach is counted as one country. )

First place: America
Second place: Brazil
3 rd place: Spain
4th place: Australia
5th place: Italy
6th place: Sweden
7th place: England
8th place: India
9th place: France
10th: Canada
11th place: Mexico
12th: Portugal
13th place: Wales
14th place: Russia
15th: Japan
16th place: Ireland
17th place: Argentina
18th: Netherlands
19th place: Scotland
20th place: Germany

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