A movie that watched a state of a couple just making it hot and fast fast forward

I see a couple who is date and happy to date in spring and looking at a couple of couples in a park, observing how fast they are hot, watching movies did.

Весна в Воронеже - YouTube

This is RussianVoronezhIt was taken in. A man sits on a bench and faces a woman standing in front.

I hugged my hips tightly.

I am talking.

Hug again strongly.

Flashing ...

Kiss again

A man takes off her coat ......

I started a steel bar

Hanging on a high iron bar ......

Bou Larab

After finishing the steel bar ......

I started tangling again.

Go over there to here

Strong hug around neck

And again to the bar

Buddha with one hand

Even though I am hugging, I am concerned about my hands because I am carrying a steel bar


I wore a coat and left.

It has been shortened to 54 seconds in this movie, but how much did it make when it was real time?

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