Official release of Club House 'Spaces' for Twitter turned out to be from April 2021

Twitter released version 8.56 of the official iOS client app on March 10, 2021. From this version 8.56, it supports 'Spaces' that allows you to talk in real time using voice, and it is available to some users. Twitter announced that Spaces will be available to everyone from April 2021.

Twitter plans to let anyone start hosting Twitter Spaces in April --The Verge

Twitter Spaces could launch next month to everybody --9to5Mac

Spaces is a feature that has been tested since December 2020. It was pointed out that Spaces is a function that allows followers to participate as speakers and listeners in the room set up by the user, and is similar to Club House, a voice SNS released in April 2020.

Twitter is testing real-time voice chat room 'Spaces'-GIGAZINE

Supported users can create Spaces on Twitter by opening the Twitter app, long-pressing the 'Create Tweet' button at the bottom right, and tapping the Spaces icon. Users can specify the range of participation in Spaces as 'everyone', 'following people', and 'invited people', and users other than themselves can be set as speakers. Also, although it is only in English, it is possible to transcribe it.

Also, while ClubHouse does not allow you to take out or record conversations, Spaces has made it clear that you can record conversations.

Twitter version of Clubhouse's 'Spaces' allows you to record conversations-GIGAZINE

The Spaces function itself is installed in the client, and anyone can participate in Spaces, but at the time of writing the article, the authority of the host that creates Spaces is granted only to some test users.

Then, on March 11, 2021, the Spaces official account announced the future release plan of Spaces by voice conversation using Spaces. According to it, from April 2021, all users are aiming to be able to create Spaces on both iOS and Android versions.

The Verge, an IT news site that heard a new announcement about Spaces in a room set up by the official Spaces account, said, 'Twitter plans are not yet set, but we aim to hold Spaces from April to everyone. Until then, Twitter users on iOS and Android could join and talk to their existing Spaces. '

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