Chromium version 'Microsoft Edge' for Xbox series is under development

Microsoft's official browser 'Microsoft Edge' is

developed based on Chromium used in browsers such as Google Chrome and Brave . At the time of writing, Microsoft Edge with the old EdgeHTML was installed on the Xbox Series X, but it turned out that a new Chromium version of Edge for the Xbox series is under development.

Microsoft starts testing Edge Chromium browser on Xbox --The Verge

Microsoft Edge is Microsoft's official browser that is installed as standard in Windows 10, and at the beginning of development, the rendering engine 'EdgeHTML' originally developed by Microsoft was installed. However, Microsoft announced the development of Chromium-based Microsoft Edge in December 2018. The Chromium version of Edge will be officially released in January 2020, and in April 2021, we plan to distribute an update that removes the legacy version of Edge with EdgeHTML.

Replacement of Microsoft Edge with Chromium version will be enforced with April 2021 update --GIGAZINE

As mentioned above, PCs are being replaced with the Chromium version of Edge. On the other hand, Edge installed on Xbox has not changed from the legacy version at the time of writing the article.

Microsoft has also developed a Chromium version of Edge for the 'Xbox Series X,' ' Xbox Series S, ' and ' Xbox One Series.' We have released a test version to the participants of 'Alpha Skip Ahead ', which invites only a limited number of users to participate in the Xbox Series Early Access Program ' Xbox Insider Program'. From an image posted on Twitter by Tom Warren, editorial staff at The Verge, a tech media, you can see the Chromium Edge icon in the Xbox application list.

Warren said, 'When I tried using Edge for Xbox series, it has the same functions as Edge for PC, such as ' collection 'that allows you to leave notes on web pages, vertical tab placement, and installation of extensions. It was installed. Also, it was possible to operate as expected using the controller without using a keyboard or mouse, 'he said. In addition, 'The Xbox series will be equipped with a Chromium-based browser, which will enable cloud gaming services such as Stadia and improve compatibility with web services such as Skype and Discord. I'm sure, 'he said, and hopes that the Chromium version of Edge will expand the range of gaming experiences.

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