Twitter employees kept tweets private for fear of retaliation from Trump supporters

Twitter has permanently frozen his Twitter account for Donald Trump's instigation of the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 local time. Twitter employees reportedly kept the tweet private for fear of retaliation from Trump's supporters who were outraged by the disposition.

Inside Twitter's Decision to Cut Off Trump --The New York Times

Some Twitter employees have reportedly locked their accounts fearing reprisal from Trump supporters --The Verge

On January 8, 2021, Twitter announced that it would permanently freeze the account '@realDonaldTrump' operated by Donald Trump. Twitter explains why he frozen his Twitter account 'at risk of further incitement to violence.'

Twitter permanently bans Donald Trump's account BAN --GIGAZINE

The New York Times reported that Twitter temporarily disabled Mr. Trump's Twitter account on the day of the attack on the Capitol. However, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wasn't sure if Trump's disposition to his Twitter account was appropriate, initially saying, 'Twitter is free to do things, even if it's a vicious leader. It should be a place where you can talk. '

Mr. Trump's Twitter account was restored from a temporary suspension in just one day and is now available. Twitter has been monitoring Mr. Trump's account even after it became available, and it seems that his tweets that should be considered problematic were immediately shared internally. Then, on the 7th, the day after the attack, Twitter executives said, 'Mr. Trump's tweets could cause more realistic violence,' and his account was eventually permanently frozen. It is supposed to be.

It takes only two days for Twitter to permanently freeze Mr. Trump's account after the attack, but during that period 300 Twitter employees have filed an internal petition requesting that his account be permanently frozen. He said he signed it. However, sources said it had already decided that Mr. Trump's account would be permanently frozen before the petition was submitted to Twitter executives.

In addition, Twitter CEO Dorsey has updated his Twitter account and talked about how Mr. Trump's account was permanently frozen.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey commented, 'It was right to ban President Trump permanently.' --GIGAZINE

Twitter has also announced that it has permanently frozen 70,000 accounts sharing content about the assault by Trump's supporters.

Twitter Permanently BAN --GIGAZINE 70,000 Accounts Related to Trump Supporter Attacks

The New York Times reported that some Twitter employees were afraid of retaliation from Mr. Trump's supporters, set their Twitter account private, and removed the wording of Twitter employees from their profile section. It seems that he did.

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