Discovered that part of Twitter's source code was leaked on GitHub and published for several months

While CEO Elon Musk claims that the source code used to display 'recommendations' on Twitter

will be open sourced on March 31, 2023, some of Twitter's source code has been available on GitHub for several months. It became clear that it has been open to the public for a long time.

Twitter Says Parts of Its Source Code Were Leaked Online - The New York Times

Twitter source code leaked online, court filings show

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Twitter's Elon Musk CEO has open sourced the ``algorithm for displaying recommendations'', which is complex and has not been fully elucidated internally, to ensure the transparency of the code and make rapid improvements. We clarify our policy.

Elon Musk announces 'Twitter code will be open sourced on March 31, 2023'-GIGAZINE

However, it turned out that part of Twitter's source code was published on GitHub, regardless of this mask CEO movement. The published user called himself 'FreeSpeechEnthusiast' and his identity is unknown.

Twitter noticed this fact on March 24, 2023 and requested GitHub to delete the repository based on DMCA. GitHub accepted this and removed the repository.

Below is the request for removal by Twitter.

dmca/ at master github/dmca GitHub

The repository where 'FreeSpeechEnthusiast' published the source code displays a message that it has been disabled due to a DMCA takedown request.

GitHub Where software is built

'FreeSpeechEnthusiast' does not do any other activities. From the activity history, it can be seen that the repository was published on January 3, 2023.

FreeSpeech Enthusiast GitHub Enthusiast

In addition, it is unknown whether the source code released by 'FreeSpeechEnthusiast' is related to the 'recommended' that Mask CEO plans to open source.

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