Review of browser game 'MultiSweeper' that allows multiple people to play Minesweeper at the same time for free

Minesweeper is a perfect game to kill time to identify the location of the mines from the square of the mass, a number of derived game are made is. ' MultiSweeper ' is a free browser game that makes Minesweeper's square hexagonal and enables online multiplayer. I was wondering what kind of game it was, so I actually played it and checked it.

MultiSweeper --Hex Tile Minesweeper Clone with multiplayer

The following is the top page of MultiSweeper. Easy operation methods and volume control sliders are displayed on the outside of the hexagon, and a list of playable stages is displayed on the inside. The left side is a stage that imitates the terrain of Italy and Australia, the center is a stage with a simple shape, the right side is a stage that imitates giraffes, elephants, flowers, etc., and the lower side is the most complicated 'HELIX' stage. .. First of all, I want to try a simple stage, so click 'BEGINNER' from the center stage.

This is the 'BEGINNER' stage. In the upper left, the remaining life, the number of remaining mines, and the score are displayed in order from the left, and in the upper right, a button for inviting the player and a button for moving to the top screen are displayed.

The rules are exactly the same as regular Minesweeper. Left-click to click on a square that looks safe, and right-click on a square that seems to be filled with land mines ...

You can mark the squares like this. The purpose of this game is to repeat the markings to reveal all the squares where the mines are buried.

Landmines are represented by '@'. In normal Minesweeper, the game is over when you step on one mine, but in MultiSweeper, there are 3 lives in the initial state, so you can step on up to 3 mines.

However, unfortunately, I trampled on a land mine and used up my life, and the game was over. Even if the game is over, you can try the same stage again by clicking the red frame or pressing and holding the 'R' key on the keyboard.

Also, while normal Minesweeper is designed so that the first clicked square does not become a mine, MultiSweeper may step on a mine from the beginning.

I challenged the 'BEGINNER' stage many times and finally revealed the location of all 20 mines. Click on the last remaining square ...

I was able to clear the 'BEGINNER' stage.

In addition to the 'BEGINNER' stage, the MultiSweeper has an 'ITALY' stage where 112 land mines are buried, imitating the terrain of Italy ...

An elephant-shaped 'ELEPHANT' stage filled with 190 land mines ...

Various stages are available, such as the 'HELIX' stage, which imitates the double helix structure of DNA and is filled with 286 land mines.

Then try multiplayer mode. The way to start multiplayer is very simple. Click 'invite players' at the top right of the screen when you want to invite someone ...

Multiplayer starts just by telling the displayed URL to the person you want to invite by e-mail or message application and getting access.

The screen during multiplayer looks like this. The number of remaining lives and the score of the invited player are displayed below the display of the number of remaining lives of yourself in the upper left.

Multiplayer is not a turn-based strategy, but a mechanism that reflects each player's operations in real time. When three players cooperated to capture the 'ITALY' stage, the operations of other players were reflected in real time, so we could feel the sense of unity in capturing the stage together.

Three people challenged the 'ITALY' stage of 'Multi Sweeper' --YouTube

When I actually played MultiSweeper, there were many stages prepared, and I felt that it was a delicious game once and twice, which could be played steadily by one person or enjoyed by multiple people.

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