We have thoroughly enjoyed Ootoya's 'Hiroshima oyster fair' where you can enjoy various flavors of oysters such as fried oysters, stewed miso, and stir-fried oysters.

As it is called 'Hiroshima oyster fair', there are 4 kinds of oyster menus from Otoya: ' Oyster soy sauce fried oyster set meal ', ' Oyster red miso stewed hot pot set meal ', ' Hiroshima oyster fried set meal ', ' Oyster soup stock ankake udon ' Has appeared on Thursday, October 8, 2020. I have enjoyed the taste of oysters that changes with the cooking of 'stir-fry,' 'simmer,' and 'fried.'

'Hiroshima Oyster Fair' October 8th Sales Start | Ootoya


Arrived at Ootoya.

There was a special menu for 'Hiroshima oyster fair' in the store. Four kinds of 'Kaki no Soy Sauce Koji Stir-fried Set Meal', 'Kaki no Aka Miso Stewed Hot Pot Set Meal', 'Hiroshima Kaki Fried Set Meal', and 'Kaki Dashi Ankake Udon' are offered for a limited time.

◆ Oyster soy sauce fried koji set meal
I ordered 4 kinds of menus at once. In about 15 minutes, the 'Kaki no Soy Sauce Jiuqu Stir-fried Set Meal' arrived.

Miso soup is a simple wakame miso soup.

Stir-fried oysters with soy sauce koji are fried oysters fried in a sauce that combines soy sauce koji and amazake. I could choose 4 pieces (890 yen including tax) or 6 pieces (1120 yen including tax), so I chose 4 set meals this time.

It looks moist with sauce, but when you actually eat it, the texture of the fried batter remains, and you can enjoy the contrast of crispy outside and thick inside. You can enjoy a rich taste even with small grains, with the firm taste and oyster flavor of soy sauce koji, which is like a thicker soy sauce.

◆ Oyster red miso stewed hot pot set meal
Next, I will try 'Kaki no Aka Miso Stewed Hot Pot Set Meal'.

The ingredients for the red miso stewed pot are 4 oysters, tofu, green onions, broccoli, pumpkin, carrots, bricks, shimeji mushrooms, and eggs.

The oysters are soaked in red miso soup with Hatcho miso, and have a creamy and rich taste.

The egg is soft-boiled. Passing through the oyster adds the flavor of egg yolk, and you can enjoy a richer flavor.

The root vegetables are also well cooked and have a chewy texture. I also felt the gentle sweetness of vegetables that is comparable to red miso.

The red miso stew pot comes with chopped yuzu, so you can add yuzu to give it a refreshing taste.

◆ Hiroshima fried oyster set meal
You can also choose 4 oysters (990 yen including tax) or 6 oysters (1220 yen including tax) for the 'Hiroshima fried oyster set meal'. I also ordered 4 shavings.

The crispy fried shaved sauce comes with the classic tartar sauce. It is said that tartar sauce adds anchovies to the secret flavor.

Entangling a generous amount of tartar sauce will soften the oiliness of the crispy batter with a refreshing acidity. The oysters inside were hot and juicy, and the combination of tartar and oyster iron plate was definitely a taste.

◆ Oyster soup stock Ankake udon
Finally, 'Kaki no Dashi Ankake Udon' is a combination of oyster, udon, and thickened soup.

Unlike the red miso stewed pot, the simmered soup stock has a gentle taste, and you can enjoy the sweetness and umami of the sardine itself.

The soup stock is thick so it is easy to get entangled with noodles and ingredients. The udon noodles are soft and the topping vegetables are boiled until they are tender, so the taste of the soup and the texture of the ingredients are generally gentle on the stomach.

'Kaki no Aka Miso Stewed Hot Pot Set Meal' is 980 yen including tax, 'Kaki no Soy Sauce Koji Stir-fried Set Meal' is 890 yen including tax, 'Hiroshima Kaki Fried Set Meal' is 990 yen including tax, and 'Kaki Dashi Ankake Udon' is 690 yen including tax. You can order at Ootoya nationwide except for some stores.

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