How many days do people around the world have to work to buy an iPhone 12 Pro?

At the

new product announcement event held on October 14, 2020, Apple announced the next-generation iPhone ' iPhone 12 ' and its high-end models ' iPhone 12 Pro ' and ' iPhone 12 Pro Max '. did. Singapore's coupon distribution site picodi explains in an easy-to-understand manner that the working hours required to purchase this new iPhone vary greatly around the world.

iPhone Index 2020: how many days you would have to work to afford iPhone 12 Pro --Bargain Hunting

The iPhone 12, announced on October 14, 2020, is the first model in the iPhone series to support 5G , the next-generation mobile communication system. Instead of the long-lasting curved design, the side has been revamped with a flat design, and the number of pixels is twice that of the iPhone 11. Drop resistance has also been improved four times.

5G compatible 'iPhone 12' is now available, reborn as a new flat design --GIGAZINE

The iPhone 12 Pro, which is a high-end model of the iPhone 12, is equipped with a triple camera and is compatible with 'Apple Pro RAW' that can take pictures in RAW format. In addition, it is possible to shoot HDR video for the first time on iPhone.

High-end model 'iPhone 12 Pro' has appeared and evolved into a professional camera equipped with a powerful image stabilization function --GIGAZINE

The graph below illustrates the question, 'How many days do people around the world have to work to earn the purchase cost of such an iPhone 12 Pro?', Which is conceptually the same as the Big Mac Index. .. Each bar graph is the 'days required to purchase the iPhone 12 Pro' calculated from the average monthly income of each country in the world, and the price of the iPhone 12 Pro is based on the official price in each country in the world . The price in Japan is 106,800 yen excluding tax.

No. 1 INDIA (India) and MEXICO (Mexico) require 54.4 days of work to purchase the iPhone 12 Pro. Since this number of days indicates a pure working period, food and drink costs, electricity costs, communication costs, etc. required during the working period are not taken into consideration. This means that if you want to buy an iPhone 12 Pro in India or Mexico in 54.4 days, you'll have to work 'without drinking and eating' for 54.4 days.

SLOVAKIA (Slovakia), MALAYSIA (Malaysia), POLAND (Poland), LITHUANIA (Lithuania), CHINA (China), etc. can work in less than 30 days.

It can be purchased in Japan after 9.8 days of labor. Countries that require almost the same working period as Japan include SOUTH KOREA (Korea), NETHERLANDS (Netherlands), GERMANY (Germany), and SWEDEN (Sweden).

The country with the shortest working hours is SWITZERLAND (Switzerland), where you can buy an iPhone 12 Pro in just 4.4 days of work. Next to Switzerland, UNITED STATES (USA) also had the shortest working period, requiring 6.1 days.

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