I have eaten two new menus of Otoya such as `` Mushroom and charcoal grilled chicken salt soup and roasted pan set meal '' entangled in charcoal grilled chicken

`` Mushroom and charcoal-grilled chicken salt soup and roasted hot pot set meal '' with salted salmon and dashi, and `` Suke soup and clam hot pot stew hot pot set meal '' stewed seafood with chige soup Appears in

Otoya for a limited time from Tuesday, May 5th. I actually went to eat a hot pot set meal perfect for the chilly season.

11/5 (Tue)-Mushroom and charcoal-grilled chicken with salt broth and sautéed set meal | Menu guide | Otoya

11/5 (Tue.) Sukusoudon and Asari Kokuchijige hot pot set menu | Menu guide | Otoya

Arrived at Otoya.

Order a new menu immediately. The food was brought about 10 minutes after ordering. “Mushrooms and charcoal-grilled chicken with salt soup and roasted pan set” is 531 kcal and 890 yen including tax. It has a thick pepper and yuzu pepper for toppings.

Ingredients include charcoal-grilled chicken, Chinese cabbage, leeks, shiitake mushrooms, shimeji mushrooms, and nameko.

The soup has chicken stock and a clean taste with no miscellaneous taste. Chicken that feels the fragrance of charcoal fire is a big response. As the soup taste is modest, you can feel the sweetness of vegetables.

When you smelt ...

The gentle sweetness of the mellow blends with the soup and changes to a mellow rich taste. When you add yuzu pepper, it adds a tangy spicy taste that gives it a sharp taste, and you can enjoy three different flavors in one pot.

“Sukesou and Asari no Kokuchi Chige hot pot set meal” is 556 kcal and 890 yen including tax.

Ingredients include sukesukedon, clams, komatsuna, eggs, tofu and shimeji.

When you eat a bite, the deliciousness of the soup stocked with seafood stock and the spicy spiciness of the chili pepper spread in your mouth. The hotness is modest, but if you keep eating, you will sweat slowly. The deep-fried sukusou mochi has a crunchy garment and a moist and soft texture. The soup was soaked in vegetables cooked in crap.

`` Mushroom and charcoal-grilled chicken salt soup and simmered hot pot set meal '' `` Sukesou and Asari kokuchijige hot pot set meal '' is 890 yen including tax, from November 5, 2019 (Tuesday) nationwide except some stores It is offered at Otoya.

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