I've been eating a limited-time menu "Kamokuchi Udon" for "Marugame noodle" that can fully enjoy the flavor of duck

From January 30, 2018 (Tue), with Marugame noodles "Umami udon noodles"Has appeared for a limited time. The duck's fat and the scent of green onions are finished in a winter-like taste with soup melted. I actually went and eat what kind of taste I can enjoy.

~ Excellent compatibility of soft dumplings and onion gels ~ Start selling "Duck noodle udon" from January 30!
(PDF file)https://www.toridoll.com/ir/pdf/180123ku.pdf

I came to Marugame noodle.

There was a poster of "Kamogumi Udon" on the shop front.

"Duck onion noodle" with duck and yuzu roasted on duck meat and roasted onion kept at 640 yen including tax.

If you look closely, there are about 10 pieces of duck meat, about 5 roasted onions and you will receive a lot of impression.

First of all, I will eat from udon. There is Koshi in udon, and the soup stock is a bit of konbu and bonito, which is plain, but the fat of duck meat and the scent of leeks are melting down and you can sense the flavor of rich flavor. I imagined the udon noodles as much as possible, but by combining these, I feel juicy and voluminous as expected.

Duck meat is soft and tasteful and has a chewy response.

When you bake the annealing pot, you can taste the juicy dumpling that the scallion sucked in your mouth, and you can feel the sweetness of the onions as you gobble.

Together with Yuzu and Mitsuba leaves, you can suppress juicy by adding a refreshing flavor. If you feel tired of juicy taste, it is ant to change how to eat.

"Kamokegu Udon" is an average of 690 yen including tax, 740 yen in large, 840 yen in profit. It is limited time sale from January 30, 2018 (Wednesday) to mid-March of 2018, some stores may not sell.

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