I ate "Pork belly boiled bowl" of Tenyo who tempura boiled boiled pork

As a new product of Tempura for a limited time limited to Tanyu delivering in small increments, from June 1, 2017 (Thursday) "Boiled Pork Belly BowlSince it appeared, I went to eat. Although there is not much opportunity itself to tempura pork in the first place, the cooked boiled rice bowl is also appearing in Tonayo for the first time.

Boiled Pork Belly Bowl | Limited Time | Inside Menu |

Arrived at a lunch time and a little crowded.

"Pork belly boiled rice bowl" came in about 5 minutes after ordering. It is 780 yen including tax including miso soup. Tempura of spinach, tempura of lotus root, tempura of mushrooms, tempura of half-eggs surround the periphery of the tempura of boiled horn with clockwise from above.

Tempura maroon mackerel which is also used in "original grand Allstar Tankan" and "vegetable tropical bowl" serve as a delicious supporting role here as well.

Tempura with large spinach.

In the middle of them is tempura of boiled pork belly.

Seemed boiled pork, it has been accompanied by mustard and green onions.

This was the first time for me to eat "Pork belly boiled tempura" even if I had eaten a boiled pork but the compatibility between sweet and savory boiled sweet pork cutlets Excellent.

The merit of horn cooking is not impaired, it will match as if it was a tool of a bowl of rice. This is pretty ant.

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