I tried Teraya's early spring bowl & Potay Mayo chicken bowl-bowl pretending spring

When spring comes, the tempura such as rape blossoms, bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots and other such tempura are delicious seasons, but Teruya conscious of springEarly spring bowl of rice"Tempura made potato salad boldly"Potay Mayo chicken bowlWe will release. Since I was concerned about both menus, I went to a shop and ate it.

Delivering a pair of early springs "Early Spring Bowls" Appears for the first time "Potemala Chicken Bowl" on which "Potassala Heaven" went on sale

Arrived at Tenya.

When entering the shop and sitting at the table, a poster of "Deca Deca" and "Early Spring Tanpo" was pasted.

"The early spring summer bowl" on the table ... ...

There was a menu of Potaymayo chicken bowl. I will order two menus.

In about 10 minutes to wait, early spring bowl (790 yen including tax) and Potayamayo chicken bowl (680 yen including tax) arrived.

Early summer bowl, rape blossoms andCheapTempura on it, limited time bowl of rice. It is also a feature that comes with lemon.

Rape blossoms and shrimp tempura

Wakashi-sized white fish

Deep fried with small shrimp

Tail with a tail

Moreover, there is also tempura.

Rape flower is surprisingly less bitter, easy to eat and tasteless without habit. Though it seems that things in Chiba Prefecture, Tokushima Prefecture, Kagawa Prefecture are used, it is surprising that shipping has already begun.

Shrimp is a classic flavor. I feel it is slightly sweet, with texture made with preprimp while overseas.

Knob fry with small shrimps, although there are a little somewhat, basically the same taste as Ebisu. Because there are many kinds of squashes, more sauce was stained.

When shrimp put on lemon, fresh acidity is added and it feels nice.

White fish is a refreshing taste of white fish, and there is almost no habit. This is also a good match with lemon.

The boat is a white fish with a deep flavor. There is no fat content, but it is finished in a texture that is plumped by frying. It is season in winter, but I have not put much in supermarkets, so I feel like I can eat it on a bowl of rice.

The squid has crispy and it is made as prepuri. Early spring bowl of rice was a bowl of ingredients with a lot of ingredients from standard to seasonal ingredients.

Potaymayo chicken bowl of rice is a rice bowl with a full volume with 3 chicken skirts on top. Since the toppings of hot spring eggs were recommended, I ordered together.

Like mayonnaise of Okonomiyaki served at a store, thin mayonnaise is applied.

Tempura of chicken is salt koji chicken sky using salt koji.

There are three salt koji chicken skies large enough to protrude from the bowl, and it seems that 100 grams is exceeded so much with these three.

Mayonnaise was also applied to tempura of potato salad.

Salted koji chicken has a stronger taste of mayonnaise, taste of Kojiri, bowl of rice bowl, mayonnaise and chicken umami combined together. The taste of the breast meat is pretty, but the color is slightly greasy, so I feel like it becomes greasy if mayonnaise is added.

There are three chickens, so it is quite a volume. I'm afraid I'm getting tired of the taste, so I will try on hot spring egg.

Yolk is good with Trolo.

The addition of yolk's richness slightly reduces the greasiness. The taste of yellow taste fits well with the tempura of chicken meat.

Because combination of sour pickled pickles and salt juice chicken weed was recommended, we will eat together.

Certainly the acidity of pickled pickles matches salt koji chicken skies and neutralizes the taste of mayonnaise. Plum and chicken are known for their good compatibility, but they feel a bit close to that.

Tempura of potato salad is Tenpan and the first menu. I feel somewhat fluffy with having chopsticks.

I eat potato salad usually in a cold state, but feeling it is not bad even if I eat it in a warm state. However, mayonnaise is included in the potato salad, mayonnaise is also applied to the evening, so it seems to be a bit too greasy.

Tendy's seasonal menu is often sold for about a month, so if you want to eat, we recommend you go early.

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