I tried the new menu 'Yayoi Gozen' where you can enjoy meat and fish bearing the name of Yayoiken at once.

' Yayoi Gozen ', where you can enjoy various side dishes such as grilled fish, tempura, and sukiyaki, has appeared in Yayoiken since January 21, 2021. I ate it immediately to see what the menu with the name of Yayoiken was like.

Yayoi Gozen | Menu | Yayoiken


I arrived at Yayoiken.

Yayoi Gozen is like this, and includes rice and miso soup, tentsuyu and grated radish, steamed chicken and seaweed with ponzu sauce, salted mackerel bowl, sukiyaki beef bowl, and tempura bowl. In addition, the dishes offered may change depending on the season.

Let's taste each dish. First of all, 'Steamed chicken and seaweed with ponzu sauce'. Contains okra, steamed chicken and wakame seaweed, and is mixed with ponzu sauce. There was also a small amount of pasty pickled plums.

Okra and wakame seaweed are mixed with ponzu and umeboshi, so the finish is quite light, but the soft steamed chicken adds the umami of the meat. The other dishes are grilled fish, simmered dishes, and other dishes with a strong taste, so it's a perfect rest for chopsticks.

Next is 'Salted mackerel small bowl'. In a small bowl, grilled mackerel, pickled radish, and stir-fried hijiki seaweed are placed. The grilled mackerel is very salty and goes well with rice. The taste of radish is firmly infiltrated into the inside.

Next, I will eat a small bowl of beef sukiyaki. The tenderly stewed beef is sweet and spicy and goes well with rice. The other ingredients are simple sukiyaki with only thread konjac and onions.

Finally, there is a small bowl of tempura. There were two shrimp tempuras and one okra and one lotus root tempura.

I dipped shrimp tempura in tentsuyu and grated radish and ate it. When you eat a bite, the scent of shrimp and grated radish spreads softly in your mouth. Tentsuyu is a sweet seasoning that goes well with rice.

The whole okra is made into tempura, and the fried okra gives it a mild taste without the unique stickiness.

The lotus root is thickly cut and feels crispy and comfortable. You may season it to your liking, such as sprinkling salt on it.

Yayoi Gozen is sold for 890 yen including tax.

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