Yoshinoya of compatibility with Shirasu and Daikonosoroshi "Kamono fried shirasu okashi set meal" taste review

A new breakfast menu with a cheaply reduced price of 390 yen on it, combining the material of compatibility called Ohishoroshi and raw egg into "kamono fried shrimp" finished plumplyShippama fried shrimp and meal set meal"It is said that today Yoshinoya is offering from Tuesday, August 22, 2017, so I went to a shop and ate it.

Notice of sale of "Kamono fried shrimp and small fish set meal"
(PDF file)https://www.yoshinoya.com/_static/uploads/contents/html_news.attachment.8ab3d3175edb51db/170817.pdf

Arrived at Yoshinoya.

On the wall, the price of 390 yen (tax included) was displayed large in the poster of "Kaita-fried shrimp fish meal set meal". Shirokura Shrimp and Okoshi added Natto to the set meal "Natto sharpening set meal" is 470 yen (tax included), "Shira cow small bowl set meal" with added cow little bowl and "Shirasu mentaiko set meal" added 530 yen (tax included) It was getting.

"Pickled fried shrimp setting food" arrived in about a few minutes. Because it is a set meal instead of a bowl, rice and miso soup come out in the form of a few small bowls.

Excluding rice and miso soup, "Shirasu" "raw egg", "Daikonroroshi" three items.

I will serve as shown in the photo pasted on the wall earlier. First of all, let me eat "Shirasu" in rice crackers ....

Place the Daikon Oroshi next to 'Sharpen' and remove soy sauce.

Put a hollow in the center and drop the raw egg and complete it! And thought that the size of the indentation was not enough, the raw egg spilled from the mountain of a shivering tearfully.

The combination of radish and shrimp is refreshing and very good. It is the perfect item to start the hot summer day.

In addition, by adding sweetness of egg on "Shira Goroshi" acidity, we succeeded in complementing each other, and it became a taste-resistant taste despite conservation by sweetness and sourness coming alternately.

Dense seasoning is good to survive the late summer! For the person who says, the elementary "Shiogama fried shrimp grilled set meal" may be felt a little fancy taste. For those who like it, it is recommended that the topping such as Mentaiko transcends. It is a great ant to unite the triad of shirasu, radish and raw eggs in fourth place.

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