I have been eating "Tuna Nanamerou Don bowl" of the house where the rice goes forward with a refreshing taste of "Lost Tuna"

"Fish" of fish such as mackerel, sanma, sardine is combined with miso and flavored vegetables is "licking". You can eat "licking tuna" made with tuna such "lick"Tuna Lickering on a Rice Bowl"It is on sale at Sukiya from May 31, 2016 (Tuesday). I actually went to eat it because I was concerned about the taste of a tuna made by Sukiya, the biggest beef bowl chain in Japan, the number of stores.

【Sukiya】 New product "Tuna Nanamerou bowl" using tuna Start selling for a limited time on May 31 (Tue) | Sukiya

Tuna Lolita Bowl (inside the shop) | Sukiya

I've been to a Sukiya to eat tuna lick don bowl.

Outside of the shop, flags written as "tuna licking rice bowl" are patapata.

Tuna licking bowl also caught on the cover of the menu inside the store.

So I will place an order immediately. In a couple of minutes from the order arrived at the sidewalk of "tuna licking rice bowl". The price is 650 yen including tax and the calorie is 665 kcal.

On top of the tuna tatto, specially made miso soup which has tasted with blue onion, ginger, moromi sauce etc. is topped.

Separately from this, a small dish and grated ginger and packed wasabi will accompany it.

Anyway, it is covered with a large amount of green onion and almost no tuna beat can be seen. There are plenty of specially made miso soup from the top of a green onion, and more pickled sesame is topped.

We had rice under the tuna tatto. Rice was also specially made miso soup.

It seems that a chopped paste is laid between the tuna snack and rice.

A tuna tattoo that can be seen and hidden from the clearance of a green onion is like a thick cut sausage.

So I will eat it at once. Special-made miso sauce is flavor of ginger and sweet miso soup which moromi soy sauce was effective, and seasoned like "Let's lick it!" Special tender miso sauce and tuna tatto are offered in a state of not being mixed, but even if you eat it as it is, the flavor of the specially made miso sagaru spreads throughout the mouth, and it becomes "licking rice bowl" firmly. The tuna tapping is quite solid mince, and the original texture of the tuna is not at all, but it is finished in a very mild taste. It is very pleasant to contrast the texture of this tuna with the green onions and it is also perfect for imagining the compatibility of special miso sauce and tunas so close to the image of a very orthodox "licking bowl" It is finished.

The chopped glue laid between the tuna snack and the rice plus the flavor, which is not noticeable but has become an accent to be essential.

Even though special-made miso soule alone is a seasoned seasonal meal that seems to go smoothly, as it is seasoned assuming to eat with a tuna tapping, if you lick only this, the taste is slightly dense. I can understand well that tuna tuna will neutralize miso soup to mild, and the harmony of rice, tuna, miso sauce will be completed.

In addition, "tuna licking rice bowl" is 650 yen including tax, rice dai sheng 680 yen including tax, sengenesa 900 yen including tax. It is limited-time sale from May 31 (Tue) 2016 to the beginning of September.

Also, it is also necessary to check "Tuna Yukke Bowl", "Tuna Tatakki Bowl", "Tuna Bowl Don", "Iron Fire Bowl" and "Yamake Iron Fire Bowl" with the newly arrived tuna as well as for a limited time.

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