Matsuya "Yakke Negiri don bowl" is a menu with fish which is rare in beef bowl chain, so I tried it

Matsuya started from Thursday, July 25 "Bamboo grilled Negitoro on riceWe will sell. In the beef - bowl chain, it was a menu using unusual fish, so hot days continued and I wanted to eat anything refreshed, so I went to the store at once.

Bamboo grilled Negitoro on rice

Arrived in Matsuya.

Appeal sales of new products even at stores.

I bought Yamagake Negitoro Don with a ticket vending machine.

It is a price of about 4 times as high as 490 yen for taxes, 780 yen for taxes for taxes, and 1.5 times as large as Omori in parallel.

Negimi dumpling peaked before reaching the seat in 5 minutes. 632 kilocalories on the left side in parallel and 910 kilocalories on the right side and high calorie is about 1.5 times for the calendar.

The bowl is a design where the left is in parallel and the colors of yellow, orange and blue of Matsuya are drawn. The pattern on the bowl of the large syari in the right is drawn in blue on a white background.

Looking from directly above it is like this. Again the amount of Osumori is higher.

In the mountainous Negimi don bowl, of course, the miso soup that comes with Matsuya's meal is set as well, and soy sauce and wasabi will come with separate supplements.

The ingredients are glue



Rice balls

And glue is on it.

Because there is no taste, put on a separate apple sauce ... ...

Completion I will eat it at once.

The texture and taste of a roasted tuna and a roast are compatible with rice. Although I do not feel much fat, I do not feel anything unsatisfactory because it has strong taste and tuna taste while refreshing. Of course, the combination with onion is preeminent.

As you keep eating bowls, the same taste continues, so you can refresh your mouth with sweet and sour taste.

There are not so much onions, so if you like go go you can add minced mustots with plus 50 yen. It seems to be even better to add raw eggs.

The shop where you can eat fish bowls under one coin is pretty valuable, so it's just a good menu for something hot and refreshed when you want to eat.

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