Two-day Limited Discount "Beef Cattle" Tasting Review at Hokka Hokakutei Review

Hokka Hokkatei usually went to buy "cattle meat" of 360 yen was 290 yen, so I went to buy it at once. This campaign is for 2 days only on November 20th and 21th, with +50 yen in the case of with eggs with semi-ripe egg, "Nomori Beef Mushi" and "Tsukimi Special Morning Catfish" with regular price and no change .

Details are as below.
Limited beef cattle 290 yen (tax included)

I bought one "Beef Cattle" and five "Tsukimi Beef Cattle".

Was it just after massive moon viewing was ordered, half-egg eggs are not matured and almost like raw eggs.

Beef cattle is about 370 g.

On the other hand, Tsukimi beef cows are about 450 g. It is natural that the egg is lying and the moonlight is heavier, but it is wonderful that the amount of beef is smaller than that of the moonlight.

Seasoning is pretty sweet and it seems that sukiyaki without onion is on rice. It might be a little disappointing if you think as a taste like beef bowl and eat it. It is delicious with balanced taste when considered as sukiyaki rice bowl, but there is no feature like this, so there is no impact.

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