Sukiya began offering "pork ginger meal set meal", so I compared it with Matsuya and Yoshinoya compared with eating

Although it is a beef bowl chain store, it offers a variety of menus besides cattle don bowl, but in fact the house that I liked is not "pig ginger gourd set meal" before. From March 17, "Pork ginger gourd set meal" which can be said as a long-awaited menu appeared. The menu of this Sukiya is "It is twice as much meat compared to common ginger set mealIt seems that I am confident.

If you compare it with Matsuya, Yoshinoya who offers the same menu, you will surely know how much meat is twice. And you should also know whether there is a difference in taste. I tried to compare what each individuality comes out to each store, eat it.

Details are as below.
First of allSukiyaFrom.

By saying that it is a new product, I'm PR pretty intensely.

"Pork belly gourd set meal"Rice is 680 yen average, rice small is 660 yen. Changing from ordinary to major saki is free.

When this is ordered in large-scale.

The left is huge, the right is in order. It is not even visible that the vessels are different.

That's why I will try closing on the main pork ginger paste.

Feel like boiling pork loin meat with sweet duck. Instead of ginger, it looks like a ginger stew. If you put this on rice as it is, it seasoned like a pork don bowl.

The premium is heavy, so the total is 915 g.

When we finished eating meat only 734 g. In other words, meat is 181 g. By the way, Sukiya advertises that "we use twice as much meat as compared to general grated gourmet meal." Is it normal that there are not many meat?

Thank you for the meal.

So, nextMatsuyaGo!

Currently in the spring ThanksgivingPork ginger baked mealIt is 100 yen less drawing.

Ordinary and double (meat twice) ordered.

MatsuyaRyu ga Gotoku 4As we are collaborating with you, that advertisement is here and there.

Pork ginger baked food has arrived. This is a single, 480 yen (usually 580 yen).

Double with meat is 680 yen (780 yen at normal time). Matsuya is divided into rice, miso soup, salad and ginger paste all in different dishes.

The single is 448 g.

The double was 520 g.

Meat is not rose, but round meat like shoulder loin.

There is also a small eating answer, and my stomach gets bigger than it looks. Seasoning is one with stronger soy sauce taste.

The weight of the dish was 346 g. The single meat was 102 g, and the double meat was 174 g. I am sorry that the double was not double, but I am glad that the single was surprisingly meaty.

Thank you for the meal.

Go to Yoshinoya at the end! ...... Although it was, this shop did not handle the pork menu. Looking at various things, Yoshinoya divided "beef bowl, beef bowls placed shop", "beef bowl · shop with pork bowl", "beef bowl · pork bowl · curry on shop" etc. finely divided Therefore, except for beef bowl, it was not possible to eat it at all shops. That's why I moved to a shop that has properly served swine ginger food.

was,Pork ginger baked meal. 500 yen. In the store that does not put it, the seal is pasted on the menu and it is erased.

In Sukiya and Matsuya, large dressing was placed for each table, but at Yoshinoya, mayonnaise comes with individual packaging.

Meat is baked roses. I feel the taste is staining well because the meat is thin. It is a balanced type of sweet and soy sauce flavors, it has a quality of meat and a taste It is about halfway between a house and Matsuya.

Weighing 265 g before eating.

After meals was 187 g, 78 g. Although it seems to be very small, Yoshinoya's menu seems to be a price proportional to the volume, as both rice and miso soup are smaller than others and the price is also cheap.

Thank you for the meal.

In summary, it will be as follows.

Sukiya: 680 yen (free of sushi free), 181 grams of meat
Matsuya: Single 580 yen · Double 780 yen (large sheng / special soup free), meat is 102 g single, 174 g double
Yoshinoya: 500 yen (large sale + 30 yen), meat is 78 g

It seems that Sukiya 's "normal twice amount" apparently was a Yoshinoya or a general set meal shop. The taste and the texture of the meat are different, respectively, and if you want to eat pork like yakiniku, you can choose Matsuya, sweet and ginger-like strong things are good if you like home, if you want to keep cheaply choose Yoshinoya Is not it good to choose?

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