I have experienced USJ's new attraction "space fantasy the ride"

A new attraction to open at Universal Studios Japan (hereinafter: USJ) from March 19 (Fri) "Space · Fantasy · The · Ride". New attractions that appeared on the site of ET, which was a popular attraction, have experienced what kind of attraction it is as a refreshing attraction set in the solar system. In the opening event, members of AKB 48 joined in addition to USJ 's mascot Snoopy, and the flames and confetti were confused.

Some movies can tell you what kind of attraction they are indeed.

Details are from the following.
Space · Fantasy · The · Ride | USJ

The entrance of USJ. The weather was nice on this day, and the students who came by college students and graduation trips were conspicuous.

There is a notice of space, fantasy, the ride in various places.

The first thing I went to was "Stage 33" where an overview is given. A lot of media are already inside the hall.

The site is already in tribute mode.

In the vicinity of the entrance there are lots of water and "San Fairy · Donut" (8 pieces entrance: 500 yen, 18 pieces entrance: 1000 yen) made by imagining planets appearing in space · fantasy · the ride It was distributed to the press.

After getting an overview explanation, I moved to the opening ceremony venue.

A great number of mass communication.

Many TV cameras were coming.

The opening ceremony started. Firstly, the moderator introduced Snoopy of USJ's mascot-like existence.

This time it was an attraction that imaged the universe and appeared wearing space suit.

Successively followed by Snoopy appeared AKB48

From left to right AKB 48 Sawa Saito, Tomomi Itano, Atsuko Maeda, Yuko Oshima, Yuki Kashiwagi, Aki Takasei. They came out with the planets of the solar system as the stage of space fantasy the ride. By the way, planets that each member has are Neptune, Satoshi Miyazawa, Tomomi Itano are Mars, Atsuko Maeda is Venus, Yuko Oshima is Uranus, Kashiwagi Yuki is Mercury, Takagi Aki is Saturn.

When all the planets arrived, a fire pillar which imaged the flare of the sun released.

Yuko Oshima playing with Snoopy.

Followed by Snoopy playing with Maeda Atsuko

The moment when I thought that the fire pill had stopped, pan! Confetti sank along with the sound. What a glamorous dawn.

The opening ceremony ended here. After that, the AKB members headed for the space fantasy the ride together with the twelve rapists who won the first ticket in the "Space Penguin Game".

Approximately 30 minutes later, the fiercers who finished the experience of space fantasy the ride appeared. The pleasure of having the pleasure of the new attraction and the AKB members allowed the tension to rise to the highest tide.

Special PASS that can only have those who have won the universe scramble game.

After experiencing exit, the AKB member appears again.

Finally the group photo is taken and the AKB member's turn is over. I will upload it later for someone who says "I want to see more pictures of AKB members", so please wait for a while.

Actually ride is a ride seat called a ride for four people. It's like a roller coaster running with spinning this ride.

For people with lots of luggage, lockers are equipped near the entrance.

This is the entrance gate.

Excluding the gate, photography was taking place.

After photography was finished, I received a mysterious card. It seems that there is a good thing at the end, using pictures taken at the gate.

When I pass through the gate, a chat loving robot "Gee Board" welcomes you. I will talk to the visitors while moving to comical figures. Voice is popular voice actor Koichi Yamadera.

Going further back ... ....

A huge crystal emerges.

Cosmia, the queen of the sun, appeared from the crystal. I would like to ask us to help save the sun.

A huge group of Sun 's sun "San Fairy" born with the power of Flare as going further back. As San Fairy comes and goes by touching the wall, I forget to go ahead and play with it. However, after a certain period of time, everyone ran away.

As you progress through space like a spaceship ... ....

Arrived at the ride seat station. Even just coming so far I could enjoy it considerably.

At the exit we had sold photos taken with the entrance gate in a frame of space, fantasy, the ride specification as a characteristic strap and sold it. It might be a good memory when a couple or friends came.

The feeling of exhilaration that the impression which actually tried riding through various spaces while spinning is quite a thing. People who are not good at screaming systems are able to get on with some speed so it seems that anyone can easily ride them.

Overall it was like this.
YouTube - USJ's New Attraction "Space Fantasy the Ride"

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