Premium taste? Hokka Hokkatei "Premium Hamburger Bento" "Sirloin Steak Bento" Tasting Review

Hokka Hokkaide started selling "Premium Hamburger Bento" and "Sirloin Steak Bento" from September 25, entitled "Taste Premium of Meat", so I bought it and tried it. I feel that sirloin steak lunch has been from before, but does something taste up like saying that it is being advertised with premium hamburger?

Review from below.
Sirloin steak lunch on the left (550 yen), right at the premium hamburger bag lunch (580 yen).

Normally, the rice huge sum will be increased by 50 yen, but now it was free and so we had it made a great deal. Because of that, the amount of steak is slightly less for rice ....

Steak is a convincing delicious flavor, but it is regrettable that it is thin.


The steak sauce is a little garlic-flavored. Rice also goes pretty well only by sauce.

This is a premium hamburger bag lunch.

Also a meal of rice.

There are several boxed lunches that use hamburger in the same way in Hokkaido, but it certainly seems that they use different hamburger steaks. People who like hamburger but if you feel that Hokakatei 's stuff is somewhat useless, please eat it once.

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