I have eaten Matsuya's "Premium Cow and Ji-Don with Mushroom Trout with soft eggs"

Matsuya stores used a high-quality beef unlike usual beef cattle "Premium beef cattle"There is a store dealing with this, but this time it was said that the soft boiled beef was stuffed with fluffy eggsPremium beef and rice bowl"Has appeared since September 6, so I actually went to a shop and tried it.

Cow and Ji bow new release! | Matsuya Foods

I came to Yodoyabashi store in Matsuya which offers premium beef and rice bowl.

I found a poster of premium beef and rice bowl. As in the posters, premium beef and rice bowl do not use chemical seasoning, artificial sweetener, synthetic coloring matter, synthetic preservative, you can enjoy natural taste inherent in the material.

Enter the shop and purchase premium beef and rice bowl tickets at the ticket vending machine. In addition, as for the 5,000 yen including tax, the large rice is usually 610 yen, but at the store of Yodoyabashi, a massive free campaign was carried out.

Give the food ticket to the shop assistant and wait for about five minutes, and the premium cow and rice bowl are served at the same time.

Miso soup with deep-fried and seaweed is attached.

Kore is a premium beef and rice bowl, and we cook softened boiled beef with eggs using a special sauce.

Beef is cropped in a semi-finished egg with tortoise. Appearance stimulates appetite.

First of all, when trying to eat from beef, the meat which is soft but moderately chewy is meat is sweet spicy sauce and soaked with flavor.

Trout eggs, beef, and rice together, the eggs of thick but mellow and gentle taste were intertwined with sweet sauce and beef, leaving the delicacy but finished in a thick taste.

Savage and beef taste will bled out each time you chew beef stapled with eggs.

Including tremendously large beef, not only the taste but also the size packed premium feeling.

For premium beef and rice bowl, there is also a set menu with domestic raw vegetables and Oshin, and those who want to take vegetables together seems to be good. In addition, there are shops that do not deal with premium beef and rice bowl at Matsuya stores, so it is better to check in advance who wants to eat.

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