Matsuya Takashi made juicy chicken baked with iron plate sauce Tartar sauce I tried "Japanese style tartar chicken set meal" on thigh meat

"Chicken thigh meat, tarutaru sauce and ginger sagger"Japanese style tartar chicken set meal"Has appeared in Matsuya since May 22, 2018 (Tue). I tried to eat a dish with juicy chicken baked with iron plate plus plenty of eggs and shakyaki texture onion

Japanese style tartar chicken set menu new release! | Matsuya Foods

I came to Matsuya.

There is a banner in front of the shop that informs the emergence of "Japanese style tartar chicken set meal" with a catch phrase "Furious horse! Matsuya Takashi Tartar sauce".

When giving me a ticket to the clerk, "Japanese style tartar chicken set meal" (630 yen including tax) arrived in about 3 minutes. This set meal is set with Japanese tartar chicken, rice, miso soup, raw vegetables. Take-out is also possible, but if you eat inside the shop, miso soup will be set free of charge.

This is the main Japanese style tartar chicken. Tartar sauce and onions are put on, the chopped paste is scattered.

The size of the instrument is like this when compared with iPhone 7 (long side 13.8 cm). I knit the whole chicken and saw that it was covered with tartar sauce and onions were spread under it.

Chicken thigh meat baked with iron plate has delicious grilled eyes.

In addition to tartar sauce, chicken thigh meat contains soy sauce ginger crumbs.

Chicken thighs are soft and juicy. Tartar sauce can be eaten with a refreshing seasoning like Mayonnaise plus creamy and sour taste. It is also good that the taste is not monotonous with ginger sagar of seasoned like ponzu.

Chicken thighs are thick and have a volume. While being through the fire, there is no meat with a pasa and it is finished moistly. There is no powerful seasoning in the meat itself, so it is stained with the taste of tartar sauce and ginger sauce in a good sense.

The onion maintains a crispy texture while passing heat, plus sweetness and crunchiness on chicken, a support role that is essential to this set meal.

It was a set meal where rice goes with juicy chicken thigh meat combined with creamy tartar sauce and soy sauce ginger sauce.

In addition, "Japanese style tartar chicken set meal" is a service that can change rice to a large grill for free until May 15, 2018 (Tue) until 15 o'clock. By the way, "Japanese tartar chicken" is 430 yen including tax separately. There is also "Japanese style tartar chicken W (double) set meal" (930 yen including tax), which is twice the amount of meat and free rice syrup or special soup stock. The "Japanese style tartar chicken set meal" to "Japanese style tartar chicken W (double) set meal" has raw vegetables is a set, but it has become a possible change in the potato salad, both at 40 yen plus.

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