Matsuya Mogaya "Pork Rosato and Onegi noodle ginger baked food" tasting pig ginger roasted with long flannel flavor

Together with freshly squeezed ginger crab "Pork belly and long-sized ginger baked meal"Appeared as a new menu of Matsuya from Tuesday, April 26, 2016. I actually eat what kind of taste the finished pork ginger noodle combined with long leek goes on.

New release of pork belly and long-sized ginger frying foods! | Matsuya Foods

Arrived in Matsuya.

Although I visited the shop around 10 o'clock of the sale start time, posters were already pasted at the shop front.

That's why ordered pork belly and long-sized ginger-baked dishes (630 yen including tax). A set meal was delivered without reaching 5 minutes.

The main pork loat and the green onion greens are like this. A very nice scent of ginger and soy sauce is drifting, and only by looking down, I get hungry.

Because it is a set meal, rice, miso soup, raw vegetables are also attached. It is also possible to rice for free for a limited time for free.

When I tried it at once, I had imagined sweet and sour sauce as for grilled ginger, but rather it is sweet and discreet ginger sauce is used. Not only refreshing feeling of ginger, but also fragrant of fried long onion also helps to power up the flavor of sauce.

Seasoning like ginger soy sauce goes extraordinarily with rice. If you ordered pork loose meat and long green onion ginger roasted W (double) set meal, it seems that rice will soon disappear if it is not expansive.

Even just the onion that sticks to the sauce, there is a sense of presence that makes it a side dish enough for rice. There may be onions in ginger-grill, but it was a dish that seemed to be "When the oneness is more compatible ... ...."

The price of pork belly and long-sized ginger-baked dishes is 630 yen including tax, pork belly and long-sized ginger noodles W (double) set meal is 930 yen including tax. For pork belly and long-sized ginger-burned meals only, free service of rice prime free service is also under way for Golden week until 10 am on May 10 (Tuesday).

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